If you are like most people, you find yourself in a mad dash from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. People these days are busier than ever before and this adds a lot of stress. But there are ways to reduce the stress of being busy by managing your day and life a little better.

First of all, you have to realize that it's okay to say no. Many people will over schedule themselves because they feel guilty about saying no when someone asks something of them. They may feel that by saying no, they will disappoint others, but the only person they end up disappointing is himself or herself, because there is no time left to do what they want to do.

Many people lose site of the most important priorities. They over schedule themselves so much to please others, or commit to doing so many things for others that they overlook their own needs. How many times have you been so busy that you skipped lunch? Do you make time to exercise? Sit down and make two lists. One is a list of priorities and what is most important to you. Now make a list of everything that you do in a day. Compare the two lists. Do they match up? If not, you need to make some changes. Remember to always make time for yourself.

Here are six ways that you can manage your stress:

1) Manage your money wisely. Many people are working long hours and sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. Take a long, hard, look at your financial situation. Are there things that you could cut back on to ease the financial stress you are under? Learn to manage your money more efficiently. If you get your financial life under control, your stress level will go down a bit and you may be able to cut back on your hours at work.

2) Stay organized at home and at the office. Looking for lost items or documents is a huge time waster. Not to mention the stress you feel each night when you come home to a cluttered, disorganized home.

3) Take your vitamins. This can help relieve stress, especially the B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. In addition, vitamins can help fight the damage that is being done to your body by stress.

4) Listen to music. Music has proven physical and mental health benefits. It can go a long way in relieving stress. Listen to your favorite music on your commute to and from work and while at work if allowed.

5) Practice breathing exercises. This is something that can be done anywhere and is a great way of releasing tension and lowering your stress level.

6) Develop a positive attitude. For a lot of people this is one of the hardest things they will ever do. It's a fact that people with a positive attitude have less health problems, less stress and more luck in life.

These ideas may not help you become less busy, but they will help you to deal with it all.

Remember, you are the most important person in your life. Take care of yourself. Learn how to deal with the stress of being too busy.

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