If you are like most people you would probably like to have enough money to live a happy and comfortable life or even better you would probably like to have enough money so that you can live your life with luxury and time and financial freedom. When the movie “The Secret” came out I felt so inspired by the law of attraction and felt sure that I would be able to live my life as I really wanted it to be. But after some time I was deeply in debt and a lot more money was going out than was coming in. I had to face the fact that I was going backward in my life. But little by little I was able to change things around and I want to help you to find your way towards living the life that you really want with what I have learned.

1. Explore your feelings about rich people. If you think rich people are bad or greedy or you are holding in you subconscious mind thoughts like “Stinking rich” or “money does not grow on trees” or “if I have enough money then there won’t be enough for others”. These thoughts although them may seem like reality to you do not serve you in having a rich life. You want to feel like you are a good person and because of these thoughts you know at a deep level that you cannot be rich and be a good person.

2. Look at the people that you are spending your time with. You become like the people that you spend most of your time with so if you are hanging out with people who are broke all the time you are most comfortable with broke and you feel that if you make any money at all you have to get rid of it so that you can feel comfortable again. What I did in my own life is to take time out from all of the people that I normally associate with and turned to books on wealth. I spent as much time as possible focusing on wealth and the mindset of being wealthy. It took me a little while to move from being broke and in debt but I gradually got things on track and I felt so good about life and really wanted to share with others what I learned along the way. There is so much information available about developing a winning mindset online make sure you devote some time each day towards developing your mindset for success. If you make a commitment to do it you will succeed.

3. Think of ways to earn passive income. Our parents teach us if we need money we need to get a job but getting a job is not the best way to have a good income because we only have 24 hours a day and we cannot use them all productively. You really must create leverage to create financial security. One of the best ways that I know to create leverage is to have a network marketing company. I have been involved in network marketing for some time and I know that there are a lot of people fail in this industry but my belief is that unconsciously they still believe that they need to “get a job” to earn money or they are just “trying” the business without any real commitment to have it work for them. If you join my network marketing company I will give you a months coaching for free $400 value. I am an empowered spiritual coach and I really love seeing people turn their lives around.

4. Look at what you see as your future. The future creates the present moment. If what you see for yourself is just doom and gloom with no joy or happiness or if it is debt then you owe it to yourself to change that. Your future can be changed and it is the thoughts that you habitually think that cause your future to be as it is. You must look at these thoughts and see if they are in alignment with what you are really wanting in your life. If they are not then change them. The mind is very powerful and if you are telling yourself you can’t then you can’t but if you are telling yourself that you can do it or you will do it there is no failure only feedback.

5. One technique that I have learned for getting rid of negative thoughts is free form writing. I found this to be very powerful to let go of things that were not serving me. You set aside 20 minutes to write. At the top of the page you write “for the highest good of all”, then you just write. Do not worry about spelling and do not look over your work. Just write what ever comes to you and then when the 20 minutes is up then you tear it up and burn it and you are done. Once you have written something on paper the mind feels it has dealt with it and is much more willing to let it go. The burning of the paper is also helping the mind to release it and let it go. It does take a commitment to do this but if you do it for a week you will notice a difference so it is time well spent.

6. Another method of letting go of my past that I really love I learned in “The Awakening Course” with Dr. Joe Vitale. It is called Ho’oponopono and it is just using 4 statements when you have an emotional reaction to something that has happened to you. It is about accepting that at some level you have created everything that has happened to you in your life and taking responsibility for this. These statements are “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”. The statements are addressed to God, the devine, the universe , the create or what ever you choose to call the source power. I usually tell myself a little story about whatever it is that I am feeling emotional about within the statements but I have found doing Ho’oponopono to be very beneficial indeed for me.

7. Think about what you love to do. If you are doing what you love to do it does not feel like work and you are good at it naturally. There is always a way to make money from what you love doing. Do not be afraid to charge because people will be happy to pay you to help them and to teach them. Give them good value and they will come back to you.

I hope that this helps you. I suggest you spend some time visioning what your ideal life would look like and then putting the plans in place for you to achieve what you really want in your life.

If I can help you or if you have any questions at all please let me know.

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