Many people do not understand why one minute our cats can be loving, affection, and playful, and then the next minute our cats are biting, hissing, and pouncing us. What causes them to behave this way? Is it something we did? Can it be stopped? Well, of course it can. We simply need to understand our feline friends a little better.

We need to first understand that cats are domesticated animals, but animals none the less. They still have instincts. Instincts to hunt, and pounce, and play roughly. So it's in their genetics to behave this way. Even though the attacks on humans are usually just of the playful kind. They still hurt.

It is important to prevent this kind of behavior that your cat is properly socialized. This process needs to start as early as possible. If you can start when they are kittens. If not your grown cat will still get the idea.

Here you will need to expose your cat to many different kinds of people. People with different skin colors, of different genders, and with different voices. The more people they are exposed to they less likely it will be that they will be surprised by anyone.

Plus, NEVER let your cat play roughly with anyone. If your cat bites, or scratches during play. Stop playing immediately, and in a stern voice say "OUCH!" Now, leave them alone for a while. After a few interrupted sessions they'll get the idea."

Over-stimulation is another reason cats get aggressive. They just get tired of playing, or being pet. They like to be independent, so once your cat shows signs of irritation, leave them alone. They are not trying to be mean, they just want a little alone time. Give it to them.

Sometimes there are underlying health issues that may cause your cat to become aggressive.

Remember, cats cannot talk and therefore they express their malaise in different ways than we do. If you pick up your cat just like you always do and they react negatively, they may be experiencing some sort of discomfort. Regular vet examinations will help you detect any such anomalies early.

What it all boils down to is common sense. Try seeing things from your cat's point of view and try to understand them. Your cat is not a person and does not react to things like you do. By understanding their boundaries and putting up some boundaries of your own, you can form a strong bond with your cat that will last for years.

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