Love is one of the most essential components of life. All human beings and animals need it to feel important, be healthy, live for a long time and thrive. To enjoy an existence comprised of love, you must earn love and often show strangers, your relatives, your pets and your friends you love and appreciate them. You will learn how to express your love to others and receive love from them.

One easy thing you can do to receive love is to buy a cat or dog. Pets are loyal and they love you, especially if you treat them properly. To show your pet you love it and make your life more satisfying, bond with your pet by petting it. You can even hug and kiss your dog or cat as long as it does not mind it. This bonding will make both of you happier and healthier.

There are better gestures to use to express and receive love than a fist bump, hand shake or “high five”. Hug as many people as you can. If you are married, kiss your spouse at least once a day. When the two of you are in private, it is okay to have a good embrace and kiss for more than a few seconds.

Maintain the right attitude around others. Smile and laugh. If you avoid frowning and looking sad, you will show others you care about making things pleasant for them and improve your chances of receiving love.

We tend to be recipients of what we give. To earn love, you must show others love and respect. Treating everyone with respect and compassion can go a long way for you in regard to being loved and expressing love.

Spend quality time with your family, pets and friends. Play games and do other things you each enjoy together. Wrestle and run around with them. By doing these things, you will show the people in your life that they mean a lot to you while developing and maintaining a strong relationship.

Show affection and be affectionate. Rub and tickle your pet’s belly. Let your pet lick your face. Tickle your kids and siblings. Say to your friends, “I love you like a brother or sister.”

What else can you do to express and receive love? Express appreciation to the people in your life by thanking them for what they do for you, themselves and others. Let them know when they are doing a good job. Compliment them on the good things they do and wear.

Make people you do not know feel better when you encounter them. Smile at them and return their smiles – you just might gain a friend doing this.

To express and receive love, avoid becoming furious and going into a tantrum around others. Being a hothead can turn others off.

Show your friends and relatives you care about them by having empathy toward their feelings. When they look sad, ask, “What’s wrong?”

Employ these ideas to express love and receive more of it!

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