One of the biggest myths about creating wealth is the idea that you must have something unique or special to share with the world. Millions of people around the world attend wealth building seminars where the seminar leaders reveal amazing business structures to market and sell products that you must create and share with the world.

Often people walk away from these workshops full of ideas and huge overwhelming plans to turn that idea into cash, often not realizing the full extent of what it takes or the work, sacrifice and financial backing needed to make a new product profitable.

This is often the unsaid truth that they do not share with you at these seminars, and this is thrown into sharp relief when follow up studies conducted after seminars reveal that more than 95% of attendees have done absolutely nothing to follow through on their ideas or inspiration even one year after.

The majority of attendees to any wealth building seminar, even those who spent thousands of dollars buying packages, go on doing what they have always done; working the job they had before they went. Their purchases sit dusty on their bookshelves getting nothing more than the occasional guilty glance.

The question that needs to be addressed is surely: is there a way we can become rich without spending our hard earned money on expensive packages? How can we become financially free without having to start out own business or working someone else's system in our spare time while we continue our normal jobs to pay the bills?

Surprisingly the answer has been around for hundreds of years, it has been used by thousands of people to create huge fortunes and yet we hardly hear these stories in the media.

The steps that you need to take are not glamorous, they do not require that you stand flamboyantly on stage sharing your tale of rags to riches with the world, they just quietly work. Creating money while you sleep. Building you potentially enormous wealth that will provide for you and your family for generations to come.

Step1: Where ever you are right now you must start by paying yourself first, at least 10% of all you earn.

Do whatever you need to do to make this happen, and make this happen each and every time you get income. Pay yourself first before you pay off debts, before you buy food and pay your rent...

...If you can find a way (legally) to pay yourself before you even pay tax to the govt. then do it! (This is usually possible if you have your own business or company and have your employer pay you as a consultant - many will!)

If it means that you have to live more frugally - do it! If it means that you have to buy budget brand food - do it!

Trust me if you follow this plan it won't be long before you can buy caviar and Champain and not even think about the price.

Do what ever you can to lower your living expenses so that you live well within your means.

Most people are so busy trying to look affluent that they undermine the thing that could be making them truly wealthy. If you can live within your means then you can actually increase the amount of money you pay yourself and you will be able to grow your wealth even faster.

Step3: invest your money wisely. These is too much in this subject to explain here however make gathering this information and becoming proficient in applying it and before long it will be providing you with residual returns that will last for generations.

Author's Bio: 

David Schirmer has successfully traded the markets for over 26 years and taught thousands of people to do the same.
He also Featured on "The Secret" which came about because he regularly teaches about the importance of mindset in creating what you want - including wealth from trading.