Are you the parent of a toddler or are you a preschool teacher who is accustomed to sharing your belongings with other people and having them share their belongings with you? You should start getting your preschool children or students acclimated to sharing things with their siblings or fellow students because sharing can provide intangible benefits including the opportunity to feel better about yourself and the opportunity to express generosity and improve your relationships with other people. You will develop various methods you can employ to encourage your preschool children or students to engage in the practice of sharing their belongings and time.

Directly expose preschool children to an environment that encourages sharing. If you are a parent, allow your toddlers to see you share your belongings with your husband or wife on an everyday basis. If you are a preschool teacher, make sure your students see you share your belongings or time with your fellow teachers.

It would be a fantastic idea to purchase or provide a textbook or special book for half of your class on various occasions. Once you have done this, you should make sure your class is divided into pairs. You can choose the pairs of students yourself or let your students choose their partners. Once all of the two-student teams have been chosen, present them with an assignment.

Tell them, “Your class assignment is to complete each question at the back of the first chapter with your partner. You are to take turns taking your designated book home today and tomorrow to do your assignment. The day after tomorrow, you will briefly work on the assignment with your partner in class before turning it in to be graded. You will be graded on a team effort. The purpose of this assignment is to teach you how to share, be cooperative and take responsibility for doing everything you are supposed to do.”

Teach your preschool students the value of teamwork. Place them into small groups and have them play a game or pass around an item to briefly hold and view.

Preschool children need to be taught the value of sharing their time with other preschool children. If you are the parent of toddlers, encourage them to spend some time with each other and find ways to do something good for the other such as trading chores or sharing toys. If you are a preschool teacher, encourage your students to play with a classmate or become his or her friend.

Follow these steps to teach your preschool children how to share!

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