With the end of the tax year fast approaching, it's With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is an ideal time to focus on your personal affairs. I'm always amazed that so many business owners and entrepreneurs spend most of their time consumed by their business and totally neglect their personal affairs.
Many of my clients want to get their business organized yet often admit that their personal affairs are in chaos. They have no systems for handling this most important area. The household paperwork is disorganized... piled up in a corner of the house... somewhere. They have no idea where they spend their money and often have no plan for their financial future.

Sure they are busy in their business yet they can lose focus as to why they are doing what they do in the first place... and generally that is to make more money so they can have more choices in life. Whether that be to have more time with their family, make a difference in the world or to have a better lifestyle. Of course, you
do want to enjoy what you do otherwise you won't be happy in the process.

If you do not organise your personal life, you may not have much of a future to look forward to. Avoid the excuses that you are too tired, don't have the time, and don't know how.

Here are several tips to get you started:

#1 Set up a filing system to store your paperwork.

#2 File your papers in categories: Bank, Car, Children, Home, Medical, Insurance, Investment, Tax, Utilities etc.

#3 Organise direct debits for regular bills.

#4 Read, sort and action your snail and e-mail daily. This will avoid a big build-up.

#5 Make a note in your diary when you need to remember to do things.

#6 Check your bank accounts daily or weekly via phone or the Internet to keep tabs on your money.

#7 Allocate a particular day and time each week to review your personal affairs.

#8 Get educated - attend seminars, read books and listen to information on wealth creation. Having knowledge will make it easier to make better decisions and provide you with the confidence to take action.

#9 Be pro-active and take responsibility. Don't rely on other people to advise you what to do. Do not wait for your accountant financial advisor or anyone else for that matter to come up with the solutions. You need to have the knowledge to ask the right questions so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.


If you take control of your personal affairs you will have peace of mind and know that you are making things happen. It's nearly six months since you probably made those New Year's Resolutions. Let me ask you; was one of those goals related to money in some way? Have you moved forward, stagnated or gone backwards?

You must learn how to manage your time effectively and get organised enabling you to focus on the highest priorities in your life, otherwise a year from now you could still be no further ahead. Some people make things happen, others watch things happen and others wonder what happened. What do you choose to do?

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