Change can be stressful. Even good transitions can cause emotional upheaval because we are creatures of habit. But there are steps you can take to navigate your life transitions with grace and ease.

* Use a coach. Getting assistance does not mean you are unable to manage. Many people flourish with the structure and guidance coaches offer their clients.

* Remember that change affects everything. Your life is a whole system so there is no way to make even small changes and not have them influence other parts of your life. Make sure you look at your transitions from a holistic viewpoint.

* Your feelings might be out of balance. Intense emotions around transitions might be the result of attaching old fears and anxieties to new situations. When you do not clean up your old baggage it tends to resurface in times of stress. Make sure you do not make your transition more stressful by compounding your fears.

* Remember that change affects everyone around you. The intensity of the people in your life can affect your transitions. Some of the stress that your transitions cause you is not yours and you do not have to carry it around. Understanding the big picture gives you a much healthier perspective on your transitions.

* Know that you will feel fear. Transition is the redirection of your path and every time you enter the unfamiliar you will experience some stress and anxiety. This is not a warning signal; it is just a common reaction to the unknown. Acknowledge its presence and keep moving forward.

* Clarity is your friend. Indecision and lack of focus causes you to scale almost insurmountable walls when going through a transition. By knowing what you want as an outcome and by holding fast to that vision you can tear down those walls and pass through with ease. There are going to be daily struggles to overcome but you have control over how large they loom in your life.

* Include Energy Therapy Healing to help make your transition as graceful as possible. This type of healing is able to tap into your subconscious and remove old blocks that you've stored from past experiences. By removing these blocks you are able to tap into your intuition, to have a clear sense of who you really are and to know which choices are right for you.

You deserve to sail through your life transitions. You also deserve a life full of good health and happiness. Find a holistic coach who also knows energy therapy healing so you can have all the good things life has to offer. You'll still have stress and you'll still have decisions to make but you will face them from a totally new perspective. The happier you are the more the people in your life will benefit.

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