The other day I was at a business function and two young males were in attendance. They were dressed crisp and clean. They listened well. They were polite. They waited their turn to interject into the conversation.

My overall impression was that it was refreshing to see such professionalism and respect from two of our future business leaders. I was so impressed that I decided to .... SEND THEIR PARENTS a note in the mail.

Sending a note by mail does several things….

1. The parents will have higher chins and chests after reading the note.
2. They will surely mention the compliment to their kids.
3. The note you send acknowledges GOOD PARENTING SKILLS.
4. It also recognizes good behavior on the youth's part.

By recognition, it reinforces and encourages more good behavior in the future on everyone’s part. Isn’t it funny how quick we are to criticize when there is bad behavior? Why not reward good?

It’s been a proven fact that humans respond better to rewarding good behavior than punishing the bad behaviors. Getting an ice cream treat for a good test grade goes farther than being grounded for a poor grade.

So, the next time you see some YOUTH behaving well with manners, courtesy and respect, send a letter to their parents in the mail. Without question, you will BRIGHTEN THEIR DAY. Your letter will also do a small part in furthering good behaviors in the future. Finally, as an added bonus, YOU may even feel pretty darn good yourself.

T.A Smith

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