How to nurture our bodies with the right foods :

There is a very important connection between how we nurture our bodies and how we heal, recuperate from injury and even what diseases we contract over our lifetime. There are certain foods that can prevent disease, and there are other foods that can support and strengthen our body systems as well as bolstering up our immune system against disease and infection. You have to think of food as not only fuel for our brain and muscles, but also the fuel that recharges or kick starts our immune system and heart. The food that we eat contains the nutrients that are necessary for the cells of our bodies so that they can perform tasks assigned to them by the unique design of our body.

When our cells do not have or lack the correct nutrients they will not be able to function, and thus perform poorly or maybe stop functioning all together. The results from poor nutrition can often times be the cause disease or make the recovery time very much longer than it should be.

Eating so called “super foods” or just using nutritious, natural foods as a remedy or medication is be coming a very popular way to handle health challenges of our stress filled modern world. The attractiveness of natural health foods and supplements are an evidence of peoples desires to heal themselves through prevention as well as cure.

When it gets down to it, keeping healthy by eating well, you will find that some food items are well known for their health benefits, while others are not such apparent or clear choices. I have drawn a selection of foods that you may not have thought of as fantastic “super foods”:

These berries are really a good source of vitamin C. Cranberries also have an excellent taste as a juice blend. Whole berries in a blender will give your smoothes an incredible looking colour and pack in a huge amount of vitamin C. If you drink cranberry juice it can also safeguard you against repeat urinary tract infections. Another good thing about cranberries, is that they help your body fight inflammations and they can also inhibit the growth of e-coli.

Olive oil:
Cold pressed olive oil can act as a protective in the digestive tract and can relive dry skin too. Olive oil is a good oil choice for keeping your heart healthy because it prevents a build up of cholesterol in your arteries. It can also heal broken or irritated skin. The leafs of the olive was used in the past as a wound cleanser. Research has shown that Greeks despite poor health care have a longer life expectancy (over 80 years) and the world's lowest rates of heart disease and cancer as well as the lowest mortality rate due to cardiovascular illness.

Aloe Vera:
Whilst you may not think of Aloe Vera as a “super food”, it truly is in more ways then one. The health benefits of aloe Vera have been propagated throughout the world and there are very few places where it has not made a dent. It is true to say that the full power of aloe Vera and the health benefits have yet to be tapped. For one, Aloe Vera has miraculous healing qualities.
The gel of Aloe Vera has as many as 75 nutrients, which augur good health, has also turned out to be a very popular remedy for burns and wound. By strengthening the immune system and assisting in healing of wounds, improving skin lesions and healing burns, Aloe Vera has been elevated to the status of a total health benefit product. These properties alone contribute to Aloe's place as one of nature's healthiest products.
Muscle pain and pain in the joints occurring because of arthritis can be alleviated by the application of Aloe Vera gels or sprays. Therefore, people can use gel that is made up of aloe Vera rapidly relieves pain in case of any kinds of burn. Aloe Vera gel not only decreases the pain but also assists to heal the injury fast. Aloe Vera (juice consumed orally) is claimed to alleviate Allergies and Aloe Vera (gel applied topically) is claimed to alleviate Skin Allergies.

Chilli peppers are full of antioxidants or capsaicin and is a good choice for people wanting to avoid heart disease. It also helps lower cholesterol.

Tomatoes are great for boosting the immune system and can slow down degenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s and cancers to name just two. This is because they include within their make up something called Lycopene, which is more powerful than vitamin C.

Finally, a portion or two of papaya, kiwis, mango or pineapple a day can help fight everything from autoimmune diseases and allergies to cancer. They can boost the immune systems ability to fight off infections as well.

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