Are you a human resources professional or a manager in your organization who has some influence over firing employees? Do you sometimes encounter negative reactions from an employee you fire? Would you like or do you expect to move up to the management ranks eventually?

We all know there are times when an employee has to be fired; however, a termination must be conducted in a manner that preserves the fired employee’s dignity, maintains the firing manager’s sense of humanity and protects the firing manager and the organization from physical and legal retaliation. You will learn how to fire one of your employees in a way that provides satisfaction for all parties.

Are you familiar with the phrase that says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” You can help some employees avoid termination by always focusing on taking excellent preventative measures. One preventative measure you can take is to provide each new employee a handbook that fully explains your organization’s guidelines and consequences for breaking the rules. Another preventative measure you can take is to provide each new employee adequate training to fully prepare him or her to be successful while working for the organization. Another excellent thing to do to prevent employees’ termination is to give them a warning or two based on the severity of the offenses they commit and whether they change their behavior.

Keep all of your employees up to date on their time with the organization. Go over their performance reviews with them, clearly explain to them all of your expectations, let them know what they can do to improve and give them adequate time to show they deserve to stay with the organization.

We are through discussing the steps you can take to avoid having to fire some employees. We will conclude by discussing what to do when it is time to fire one of your employees.

Be prepared before summoning the employee who is on the hot seat into your office. If he works alongside others, call him on the telephone and ask him to come see you. Have a security guard or someone else who works for the organization in your office with you in order to have a witness who will likely deter an act of violence.

Once the employee has made it to your office, be a true humanitarian and give him the opportunity to leave the corporation on his own terms in a sense of goodwill with his head held high. Tell him, “Scott, I know you have been working very hard and putting forth your best effort. However, you are not a good fit because you are unable to perform any of the tasks efficiently and we have to have high production from everyone to stay in business. I’m giving you the opportunity to leave on your own terms. If you resign, you will receive a letter of recommendation and a three-month severance package. I wish you the best of luck.” Now smile and offer to shake the employee’s hand.

Use this advice to properly and safely fire an employee!

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