Fear we all say is natural and most people apparently think that it is OK to be fearful of someone or something but have you ever took a step back and taken a look at the actual effects of the fear you feel related to your own life?

Firstly fear can stifle you decision making, making you procrastinate for so long that eventually the opportunity has disappeared by the time you work up the courage to take action on it.

Secondly a feeling of fear often leads to self questioning about the fear itself and as much as you try to resist the fear you actually create more of it. This simple premise is based on the phrase 'What you resist persists'. In this situation the more you focus on the fear the more you are actually going to enhance that fear in your life by being overwhelmed by fear and actually thinking positively about the situation.

Thirdly, thoughts are powerful things! Thoughts attract to you almost magnetically exactly what you are thinking about so if you are feeling fearful and thinking of a disease or undesireable circumstance then that is exactly what you will be creating in your life.

So how to reverse the power of fear and put you in charge I hear you ask? Just remember the life process of: conceive-create-experience. This is the real key to breaking away from fear and achieving what you really desire in your life. All of these three parts are equal and interlinked. If you can conceive it you can create it if you can create it you can experience it. If you can experience it you can certainly conceive more of the same.

Therefore if you wish to be without fear and wish to achieve a certain goal then put yourself in the place of someone who has achieved that goal or manufacture a way for yourself to have that feeling of abundance/prosperity or whatever else it is that you wish to achieve. This will give you the experience of that positive feeling (and not the fear). Once you have had this feeling then you will be more able to conceive more from this experience and create more of that same experience in your life.

Another effective positive thinking technique is that of thought dropping. Whenever a negative fearful thought enters your head make a choice to simply move on to the next better feeling thought and subsequently keep reaching for another better feeling thought. At first this process will seem difficult but actually when you have made it become a habit you will be amazed how such a simple process as this can accelerate your progress in life. Look at it this way, you can't always control the thoughts entering your mind but you can control whether you dwell on them or not.

So, using these two simple techniques you are able to manipulate the conceive-create-experience circuit for your own purpose and create in your life that which you truly want. No more fear, anxiousness or worry just your life in your hands ready to be whatever you want it to be!

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