I often write about the role of focus and vision in manifesting your dreams of effortless success. I know that folks are so often anxious to take action - and I’m all for taking action, even MASSIVE action - BUT (and I know all my clients know I usually forbid the use of the word “but”) BUT, action ONLY works when it comes from a place of focus and vision.

That’s why you have to start with the inner stuff before you take action. Otherwise, you will most likely be taking action from the place of seeing what’s missing. It can be a challenge to allow the action to take a temporary back seat. I promise you that it is well worth it when it comes to the level and type of results you will get from taking inspired action. What do I mean by inspired action versus the action that comes from a place of scarcity, doubt and frustration? Inspired action comes from the higher level of creativity, trust and wisdom that you arrive at when you take the time to focus and vision.

Inspired action often seems to come out of nowhere; you get an inkling to try a particular action. It may not even make sense to you at the time. Yet, what happens is that the inspired action leads to a positive result. For example, you know you want to attract more business and you want to work with people that you love to work with. You sit with this vision for a while because you just don’t know how to make this happen. At some point a name pops into your head. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t thought about in a long time, or someone you don’t know very well, if at all - perhaps a Facebook friend. Your thought says get in touch with this person. So you take the leap and give him or her a call and, lo and behold, that is the exact person that can show you how to attract more ideal clients. Perhaps it even turns out that they just opened a new program on the very topic you need and you get the early bird rate. That’s an inspired action and it’s so much better than getting frustrated with not knowing HOW to make your dream a reality and calling someone in the same boat with whom you spend half an hour complaining about your lack of ideal clients.

As you practice taking inspired action it gets even easier as you will begin to see that the person you called in the example will actually call you even before you think of them. This is how I got my Law of Attraction coach certification. I had been thinking for a while of wanting to become certified and also studying the Law of Attraction on my own and thought wouldn’t it be nice if I could become certified in the Law of Attraction yet I didn’t know if anyone even did that as I’d never heard of it before. I thought about this for a while, just thinking how great it would be to be a certified Law of Attraction coach and then one day not long after I got an email from Eva Gregory who’s ezine I had been reading for a while that said she had just started a Law of Attraction coach certification program. To my knowledge it was the very first one ever offered by anyone and I signed up that very day. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, take only inspired action toward your dreams and see how effortless if feels to attract all that you could ever want into your life.

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