Any successful businessperson has taken a risk even when those around them may have tried to dissuade them. Donald Trump is a risk taker. Despite business setbacks, he did not allow fear and negativity to prevent him from becoming one of the most successful businessmen in America.

Oprah Winfrey is a risk taker. When she moved from Baltimore to Chicago, she took a huge risk. More importantly, she believed enough in her talents, skills and possibilities to create her own story - not one someone else defined for her. Most of us may not ever become an Oprah Winfrey or Donald Trump but you can determine your own destiny. You can take calculated risks to follow your dreams despite fear, self-doubt and negativity. Taking a risk is doing it anyway even when faced with fear and doubt.

You can make a choice to take a risk and move forward or stay stuck. Either way, you are making a choice. The difficulty in getting out of a stuck situation is first recognizing you are stuck. Taking a risk is discovering your own need to grow despite fears, recreating a new life story based on your own script and your dream for yourself.

Most of us think of risk taking as something dangerous, extreme or foolish. Risk can be all those things and more. We take risks daily. It was a risk to learn to ride a bike, drive a car, enter into a relationship, change jobs, or move to a new city. These were all risks you made a conscious choice to take and you survived. It's even a risk not to take a risk. By not taking risks, you don't grow. You become stuck, frustrated and remorseful. Your reluctance to take risks inhibit you from living a quality life with joy and confidence. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of what others may think, fear of failure, or fear of not being good enough are often disguised as procrastination, indecision, avoidance, confusion, or being easily distracted.

How is your fear disguised? Does it show up disguised as a shrinking violet in the face of new situations or is it more visible when your internal mindset is thinking "I might be rejected... However fear is disguised, it is keeping you stuck in a situation, relationship, job or circumstance that hinders you from being the person you were meant to be.

The more discomfort you have about taking a risk, the more fear is the underlying cause. And, I certainly don't mean situations that are dangerous or harmful to you or anyone else. The fear I'm talking about is an internal feeling of dread, hesitation, ignoring and pushing the feeling deep down inside. It's a feeling you get so comfortable with that you accept the mask of fear as reality.

Can you think of one step you can take that will move you closer to stepping out of the comfort zone you've created? Take some time today to give thought to how fear is showing up in your life and commit to taking the critical first step out of your self-imposed comfort zone. These tips will get you started.

1. Decide what risk you are willing to take - start with something small if this seems overwhelming. For instance, you can risk starting a conversation with someone you don't know well.

2. Even when faced with fear, commit to doing it anyway even if it's uncomfortable.

3. Don't allow others to influence your decision to take a risk.

4. If you are using procrastination as a crutch to stay stuck - STOP. Set a goal for yourself and stick to it until you are successful.

Create your own life map and take control of the life you deserve and want by using the above suggestions.

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