MLM articles are a powerful way to stay in touch and provide value to your prospects however, article marketing is still a mystery to many network marketers.

There are some rules of etiquette when attempting to gain the best mileage out of MLM articles and just getting one of the seven tips in this article right can improve your reader stickiness greatly.

Articles can educate and train a prospect and best of all, they will melt away the barriers of trust between you and them. But you need to get people reading them and there are some important things in the construction of the article you need to be implemented to get them noticed.

How To Write MLM Articles

There are seven big mistakes that are often made MLM training articles and these must be avoided if you want to gain success using article marketing.

1. You need to include a compelling title. Boring titles will simply be skipped past by the reader and their attention will not be drawn in at all. You also need to include your keyword in the title and it will work better if included at the start.

2. The content of your article must refer to the solution the reader is looking for. Many people use the Internet these days to find answers to problems and you’ll do well if you provide that answer within your article.

3. Avoid writing in the first person. This means you should avoid using sentences such as “I did this” etc.

4. Don’t use a closing paragraph. You want to draw the reader in so that they continue reading the current article and then move on to read more. Avoid using closing paragraphs such as:
“Thank you for your time, but that’s all from me today...”. This kind of paragraph will probably make the reader skip past your resource box. You should use the actual resource area as your closer.

5. Your resource box should be attractive and entice the reader to click on your link. One of the most successful ways of doing this is to offer some kind of benefit to the reader. Remember, try not to write in the first person.

6. When you write your network marketing training articles try to cut to the chase immediately. Many article marketing for home business articles are padded out with useless information which will cause the reader to lose interest and move on. A great way of cutting to the chase is to use tips and how to content. A reader’s interest is a ticking clock and the time you have to hold their interest is very short. Remember, get to the point and keep their attention.

7. If you submit your articles to lots of different directories, you want to make each one a little different. Let’s say you submit articles to 15 directories; try to avoid submitting an identical article. Make slight changes. Re-write between 30-40% and alter areas such as the title and sub-headers. A good way to do this is to submit just one of your articles to 6-7 directories.

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