The path that leads to an appealing job offer always starts¯and unfortunately often ends¯with your CV. It takes a busy HR director just seconds to review your CV among a pile of others, and make a quick judgment: In those critical few seconds, only your writing skills influence his or her decision.

Before you dive into reading articles and books that teach you how to write a good CV, remember: Much of the impression that you leave on a potential employer comes from the level of your English writing. Since you haven’t had the chance to meet with that potential employer and convince him or her why s/he should choose you among all the candidates, only your writing skills reflect your image.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that a professionally written and creative CV dramatically increases your chances of gaining an interview with that potential employer.

How to write a good CV by using advanced technology solutions

Recently, some ambitious developers took English writing to the next level, developing a smart, self-learning technology called Natural Language Processing; this technology constantly analyzes millions of documents and text phrases, maintaining a growing proprietary dictionary database that simulates the human mind, so that the end user is provided with an accurate online grammar check and spell check solution.

This innovative technology compares the analyzed results with the user’s existing written text¯a CV for example¯and automatically performs a punctuation check, language enrichment (using an advanced online synonyms dictionary), and grammar and spelling correction, eventually transforming a plain old CV into a professional and appealing “ticket to ride”.

Benefits of using professional grammar software to write your CV:

(1) Makes your CV stand out from the rest, thereby increasing your chances of getting an interview.

(2) A potential employer will perceive you as intelligent, professional, and trustworthy.

(3) Prevents embarrassing spelling or grammar errors that can cause you to lose an appealing job

(4) Eliminates job-hunting stress, as you no longer need to spend hours writing, checking, and
rechecking that CV.

(5) One writing solution contains all the editing tools you need to write a professional CV.

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