These four leadership rules or principles are:

1. Take time out to confer with yourself.

2. Trade minds with people you want to influence.

3. Think progress, push for progress, and also believe in progress.

4. What is the human way to handle this.

Leadership rule number 1:
Take time out to confer with yourself and tap into your power of thinking. We usually picture leaders as exceptionally busy people, and they are. Being a great leader requires you to be in the thick of things. While it is overlooked, it is noteworthy that leaders spend considerable amount of time alone, with nothing but their own thoughts.

Leadership rule number 2:
Trade minds with people you want to influence is a magic way to get people such as associates, friends, employees, customers to act the way you want them to act. If you are on your way to selling a hot new product you want to look at the product the way your customer sees the product. Take yourself out of it and just focus on the customer.

Leadership rule number 3:
Think progress, push for progress, and believe in progress. Have you ever wondered why some people just never prosper and have a negative attitude about life? If they would just just forget about the negative things that happen in their life and believe they can succeed.

Leadership rule number 4:
People use different approaches to leadership situations. Some people think they have to be a dictator to get their point across. This usually never works out, some people may go along with it for a while but its just a ship waiting to sink! Some leader only want to go by the book when they lead, but one thing that they must know is that you are human and you must take that into consideration when you are a leader!

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