If you are single or run your business in partnership with your wife, then this information is of no benefit to you. But if you are like me, that have a wife that hates computers and Internet and actually believes that your PC is your lover, then this information has to do with you.

As funny as it might sound, it actually can become a major problem in your family, if you don't know how to manage this situation. I speak from my own experience, where I've been trying to make a dollar since 2004, when I started to see the potential of the Internet to make me financially independent.

I love my wife too much, I swear, but I confess that sometimes I've faced endless discussions with her for either spending too much time on the computer or buying training material or software to “improve my business”. At the end, I think she is right, had I already reached financial freedom, she would've been the first person to support me.

After all these years, I reached a conclusion “If you are married, you can't get success alone, you either do it together or no one get it” So, like it or not, your wife is your business partner on your online ventures.

Here are 5 tips that might be helpful to you, if you are on this situation:

1. - Explain what you are doing:

Sometimes, your wife thinks you are just fooling around checking porn sites. Explain your goals, business model and what you expect to achieve in a specified timeframe, you might find she has much better ideas than you.

2. - Setup a budget and stick to it:

Agree on a budget to invest on your online business and stick to it, no matter what. This will give her the peace of mind that you won't overload your credit cards.

3. Analyze where you spend your time:

Get a time tracker, (there are many free online), so you can analyze and see what you currently do with your time. The goal is to find “blank spots” so you can be more productive and do more activities in less time.

4. - Establish a Work Schedule:

Agree on a work schedule with your wife so she knows beforehand how many hours you'll be working on your computer and stick to it. Many of the discussions I've had with my wife have to do with the fact that she gets very angry when she sees that I'm in front of my computer every minute I'm not doing something specific.

5. - Spend more “Quality Time” with your family:

Please don't just stay at home watching TV with her, for quality time I mean do something interesting and fun, like dining in a nice restaurant, visiting new places, or do something she likes. Remember that monotony brakes relationships so try to show her that you care about her.

I hope this tips are helpful to you, if they are please let me know how they worked for you.

Author's Bio: 

Hector Sanchez has been doing business online since February 2004. In June 2007 he created http://www.hispamarketing.com as a bilingual portal for English and Spanish news about Internet Business ideas (Ideas de Negocios en Internet).