What is David’s number? Where did you keep your spectacles? What’s your neighbors’ family name? Are all these questions bothering you? Then this call for some workout on your brain memory. Being forgetful does not mean that you are just getting older. It just means that you have yet to give your brain the right amount of workout. The ability to keep your brain memory fresh and sparkling new is as good as keeping yourself healthy and in shape. Discover some of the ways on how the human brain
memory can be used effectively, for your own advantage.

As days go by, you will soon forgot about the different memories. These memories will just drift away, no matter how hard you try to keep them as a part of you. Your memory also plays a very important role in determining your success in various aspects of life. The ability to have a healthy mind and physique will help to ensure that you will have a fair share of success too.

The human brain is a complex entity. For decades, scientists have tried to explain how to brain works, but time and again, they failed. But basically, the human brain memory functions on these 2 components – short term memory and long term memory.

The short-term memory is the kind of memory that shadows off in the shortest period of time. It just used to recall the things that happen just after we experienced it. For example, after watching a movie, you are able to recall it to your friends, just by using the power of your short-term memory. Short-term memory also applies when you are reading sentences from a book or magazine. This also means that short-term memory has a limit to the amount of information that it is able to load in. So, in order to use your short-term memory effectively, try not to clump long pieces of information together. You can use hyphens and hyphenate your phone numbers such that it is easier to remember.

The more important part of your brain memory would be the long-term memory. Long-term memory is responsible for storing all information –from your childhood days until the day you held your first grandson.

Both short term and long term memory can be sustained simply by doing various mind exercises. Otherwise, you can start now by using mind games that involve memory work. Furthermore, these mind games carries many other advantages like promoting strategic planning, visual workout, logic and problem solving techniques.

Other techniques would also to develop photographic memory. There are plenty of ways to go about doing this. One of them is to use subliminal products that help to tune the brain to develop the ability to have photographic memory. The subliminal and self-hypnosis products are highly recommended for those who are looking for a fast and easy technique to developing the right skills.

There is of course other mind training tricks out there. Regardless of the method or technique that you use, what is more important is that you are constantly doing mind exercises to make sure that you are able to sustain your human brain memory as the brain is the key operator that helps us to function properly.

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