Effective communication is essential in the business world. Presentations, meetings and negotiations are key. A good leader must be a good and clear communicator. Often times those who communicate well rise to the top, while those who are more uncertain remain behind. There are many methods available today to improve communication for those to whom it does not come naturally. Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) work to improve communication skills by tapping into the unconscious and ‘reprogramming’ the mind to focus on positive thoughts.

An ineffective communicator is one who over thinks language, presentation and message. By focusing strongly on what is coming next, the ineffective communicator often stumbles on what he/she is saying in the present. This leads to misunderstandings and an unsuccessful presentation or pitch. Nervousness, stress and uncertainty are not traits that a leader typically portrays and thus, the ineffective communicator is out of the running. By being so focused on themselves, the ineffective communicator shuts out the audience and is often unaware of their reactions.

Hypnosis and NLP are often portrayed on TV as gimmick methods that trick people into false beliefs, but in actuality they are effective tools that can restructure thought processes in the mind. This occurs through the process of somatic suggestions, that is, suggestions made to the patient while they are in a hypnotic state. These suggestions, when dealing with communication, focus on confidence, being aware of and reading reactions, and speaking clearly and focused. The brain will not take in suggestions that are over the top or against a person’s beliefs.

Working with NLP can also provide a unique skill set to add to your listening skills, an important part of communicating. Through NLP, the ability to remain calm and focused applies to other stressful situations as well, not just in speaking situations. In heated negotiations, somatic skills can provide tools to remain cool and assertive. The body language the other parties exude becomes easier to read and understand, as you become more aware of your own.

Understanding communication and how to do so effectively are highly regarded skills in most industries. Through NLP and hypnosis one can build an awareness of one’s own communication skills and abilities while gaining an understanding of others. Often a leadership programme using NLP and hypnosis can be highly effective when combined with communication courses on presentations and negotiation skills. Thus, both skill sets can be incorporated.

It is essential that one find a licensed hypnotherapist and NLP-practitioner to guarantee the quality of the programme. A listing on the General Hypnotherapy Register in the UK is a good place to start or naturally you can go to www.mind-works.co.uk for further details on how to improve your communication.

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Terry Doherty works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping clients to stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more confident and helping change many other behavioural issues. Terry uses the latest techniques of hypnosis, NLP and life coaching skills for profound change. He can be reached at http://www.mind-works.co.uk