Integrating Life

Expand Contain Release

Integrate Evolve

I feel a wonderful transition happening within me.
I know a transformation available to us all.
The time is now, as it has never been before…
A window of pure enlightenment is universally available. It’s a process, as it has always been,
Yet, in this moment there is a glorious unfolding.
I have great passion in the awareness of truth.
I reveal this experience as I heal.
In the words my soul invites me to express:
“I embrace my vulnerability, as
I share this willingness to grow.”

In a way that recognizes all experience.
The multisensory capacity reaching towards the stars and other dimensions.

Within your being this sparkling indefinable expansion.
Into the body, adjusting your energetic field back into the physical form.
These sensations with healthy boundaries.

The past and all related emotional associations.
Gently replace anger, hatred, restlessness,
With joy, love, acceptance and eventual forgiveness.

Gently replace anxiety, worry, doubt and judgment
With empathy, contentment, and tranquility.

Gently replace guilt, shame, sadness and grief
With mercy, humility, inspiration and enthusiasm.

Gently replace fear, insecurity, frustration and injustice
With creativity, courage, confidence and peace.

Gently replace anger, resentment and impatience
With understanding, trust, and the willingness to transform.

Graciously return to Infinite Love.

Integrate each of the five senses. Merge all internal and expanded experiences. Allow cooperation, appreciation and gratitude into a harmonious partnership.

To the future,
The culmination of all we are, all that is.
Let go and let God.
Become the spiritual being, within a human body.

By Steven Mayber

Author's Bio: 

Steven has over 23 years experience in healing and personal empowerment. Areas of expertise include: The Lifeline Technique, Touch For Health, Zero Balancing, NAET Allergy Elimination, Emotional Freedom Techniques. He Specializes in Long-Distance Healing, Techniques, Resolving Past Trauma, Understanding Mind and Body Relationships, Flower Essence Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology,
Accessing The Body’s Innate Wisdom.

He has facillitated several hundred lectures and classes,
And appeared on cable television, and radio interviews.



Office: 847-275-2932