I can not think of any excuse that someone could come up with that would make me feel that them being a failure was alright. The fact that the opportunities abound all around us and that few others are willing to try to capture them tells me that nothing someone could bring up would be worthy of failure.

Anybody can look around and find examples of others very much like themselves who have succeeded and prospered. Anybody can find examples of others who overcame far greater adversities than theirs to conclude that it is possible for them.

I know where you came from. I know who your family is and what they do to you. I know how much the government takes from you. I know the debt you are in. I know the side of the tracks you live on. None of that has ever stopped those who are truly looking for a way out. Last month, I was on a call with 2 individuals who just 4 or 5 years ago were $80,000 in credit card debt, cars being repossessed, eviction notices were being given to and now there net worth is nearing $5,000,000. Don't tell me that you have some great adversity that is keeping you from succeeding. My business coach overcame stuttering at 24 years old to become an international motivational speaker. Everyone around him told him to stay in the family business. He decided to follow his dream and everyday he practiced his speech and after 6 years he was able to communicate fluently.

Don't tell me you've had too many failures, Ray Croc was a soda machine salesman who lost everything he had several times looking for the right key. McDonald's would not be here today if he believed that past failures kept him from succeeding. Thomas Edison failed nearly 10,000 times before he succeeded with the light bulb, this after he lost most of his hearing at a very early age.

The list is nearly endless of those who refused to allow their circumstances or their past from determining their future. They all acknowledged, I screwed up and decided to change and persevere. We are not sheep that must follow the leader, we are not geese that must fly south for the winter, and we are not whales that must travel large distances to mate. We are humans and for all of our failures we have the ability to decide today to not follow this path that we are on. We can say to ourselves, "hey the past 5 years have not worked out the way I had hoped. I think I'll try something different." I am telling you, if there was any reason to be thankful to be human that is it.

And it is not very hard. Look at the last 5 years and think how many books you read, what classes you take, and what you do with your time. If you find that you don't like the answers decide today to read the more books, take more classes, and spend your time in a better useful way. Whatever you do don't do what you did the last 5 years. If you do, your results probably will be about the same. But here is the good news if you do change what you did the past 5 years, your results will be completely different.

The only reason for failure is quitting. If you are a quitter you will fail. You might have setbacks and things you try may not work out, but when you keep going you not only apply the lessons you already learned, but you also learn new ideas along the way.
There are no such things as losers or failures. There are only winners and champions who have decided to not chase after their dreams. These people trade in their dreams for security and benefits. They value comfort and ease rather than fulfillment. They allow themselves to be content without the luxuries of life even to the point of convincing themselves that they do not even want such things because of the headaches they believe are associated with them.

I am here to tell you that you can be more powerful, more successful, and more prosperous than you ever dreamed possible. I am here to tell you that your dreams are calling for you to acknowledge them and make them the priorities of your life. The road to riches and prosperity is paved with dreams. When you revive your dreams you will find that they are not dead, they have only been lying silently awaiting your decision to focus on them. The more you dream and the more action you take working toward your dreams the more dreams will come true.

Don't be satisfied with ordinary results. You were not put on this earth to be ordinary. Ordinary is for others not you. You leading an ordinary life do nothing for that 1 person who is desperately waiting for you to tell your story. But once you write your book or record your CD or give a speech, that person will finally have that last number to their combination lock and will go on to produce miracles that you could not fathom. Who is it that led Billy Graham to Christianity? Who is it that got Bill Gates interested in computers? Who is it that inspired Mother Teresa to become a nun? These are the people who may have thought they could not contribute to this world in any significant way. And history may not remember their names specifically, but somebody did those things and so can you. Les Brown says that we all have the key inside us that someone is dying to hear, and only we can give that key to the world. So when you decide to watch another football game or show on HGTV, remember that someone is waiting for you. Don't be the one to disappoint. Don't be the one who decides that someone else should be bothered by doing the work. Don't be the one who allows your ideas to die with you.

Jim Rohn says to let others live a shallow life, but not you.

Bill Loyd

Author's Bio: 

Bill Loyd is the founder of Moving Forward Motivation, a motivation and inspiration company based in Northern California. He is the author of best selling book "The 6 Keys that Lie Within You to Live a Successful Life -- Revealed." He is a sought after speaker and writer.