If I can fast for ten days, or for forty days, what else can I do? In our souls we know the answers to these questions. If we can identify the inner dialogue that is driving our thoughts, and our feelings, that run our very lives then we will have a good foundation to start our fasts on. Because if our internal dialogue is self debasing, and unloving when you come to do the fast and you are focused only on the external appearance, inches and pounds, you will not get from the fast all it has to give you and teach you about yourself. All external things on the fast are a distraction, if we really want to boost our self esteem and self confidence we must begin by loving the spirit with in the form. This is the core of the issue.

When I fast I try to focus on getting back on track with this deep sense of self. We all need to get who we really are on a soul level, and fasting is such a great way to tap in! It can be quite painful to face the stuff that comes up. We sit in front of the mirror, and we see the lines on our face, and we think we are old, we think we are ugly, we think we have missed out on so much in life. That is painful! We have to get to the core of the issue here. We have to turn our negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Try focusing on the compliments others give you. What are the positive things that others say about you? Fasting cuts to the core, and thank God! God is in all of us here and now, he speaks to us in the compliments others give to us about our selves, but do we listen? No, we focus on the demons, who put us down, starting with ourselves. We are the worst one when it comes to ignoring our light, our beauty, our God force within.

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