You were taught there are rules to this Game of Life, especially about money. Frustrated? Are you ready to reconsider some rules and see what happens?

This article is longer than I usually write; but words kept coming as I wrote, so I went with it. I used three primary points listed in the beginning of Robert Scheinfeld’s Busting Loose from the Money Game book. These points have been stated in other, older texts, but sometimes it’s all about the presentation. I felt compelled to re-visit my heavily highlighted and penned-in-notations book and found myself entering a realm of thought and feeling. Anything in quotation marks here is directly from his book. The rest are my thoughts I scribbled onto the pages and what flowed in as I typed.

Keep in mind that quantum physics has revealed that nothing we consider solid is solid, or real, as we believe real to be. As challenging as it may be to accept, reality is a dynamic (seems to move) mental hologram that is created and re-created in every moment by our shared consciousness. When we eventually get this, we’ll understand who we are and what we’re capable of. Our lack of awareness is part of the game, so don’t judge that you’re doing it wrong. Just learn all you can about this so you know what to shift, should you choose to shift anything. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t ready to move into a higher vibration and level of awareness, even if it challenges you on one or more belief levels.

Item 1: There is a limited supply of money (or anything). It’s especially limited in regard to your access to it. You have to constantly go like a hamster on a wheel to replenish money every time you use it. You have to hang onto it because either there isn’t any more or because it’s so darn difficult or challenging to get more. Where and how it can come to you is limited to one or few resources.

Consider: There is no tangible supply; only the illusion of it we agreed to include in our game (our movie, as Scheinfeld refers to it in his book). It’s like time: It doesn’t exist, not in the way we believe it does. We agreed to agree these are real so we have a common measurement system. Without a measurement system, how would we assess how we’re doing? But, what do we really need to measure?

Also, there is no limit to who, what, where, or the how of resources in an infinite field of potential and possibilities; only the perception that there is. More than likely you’ve, at least once, “spontaneously” received something you needed or wanted from an unexpected source, and at the right time.

Item 2: “Money moves. There’s a flow of money in and out.” And, “You must increase profits if you want to raise your quality of life.”

Consider: Understanding that what we call reality is actually akin to a dynamic hologram or movie, money cannot move in or out of our life experience. An illusion cannot move, only our allowing the perception that it does. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Nothing moves but mind.” If you’re a fan of Matrix movies, “There is no spoon.” You play with the perception that money moves in and out of your life, but it’s all in your mind; and you mentally project this into the movie you’re running on your holographic screen and call it, “My Life Experience.”

At the non-physical level, who we really are (individualized expressions of All That Is/ATI) agreed to a basic premise or purpose for our having our current experience we call our reality. You can shift your Personal Power the moment you recognize or at least allow the possibility that

1) Everything and everyone is ATI engaging with you, co-partnering with you, in the creation of what you (through your Expanded Self) chose and choose to experience for your Spirit-Self purposes—and this is the really challenging part: No Matter What It Looks Like. You may have noticed how often it is that how something appears at first blush has little to do with what it’s actually about.

2) Every experience is inserted into your film by your Expanded Self who is aware of and in charge of the Game Plan. As soon as you allow and participate more willingly from this perspective, you can flow more and strain less.

Just as your Expanded Self is an individualized expression of ATI, you are the mental projection of your Expanded Self in the hologram, the movie that’s running at this time. Your ego-self has been taught that you operate alone, and this can feel quite painful at times. You can ease this feeling by deliberately connecting with your Expanded Self/ATI. We aren’t “alone;” nor do we have to act as though we are, especially as we aren’t.

One of the most challenging aspects to accept about this, and where the greatest personal power comes from, is getting that what we believe reality to be is like a movie: We see it; we may even believe it’s real and respond emotionally to it—but in the realm of reality, nothing is happening other than what we project onto the screen. We enter our experience of reality for the same reason(s) we watch a movie.

Back to Item 2. It isn’t your profits or income you can increase (you can’t; they’re illusions); you can increase what you want (or attract) more of to play with. You even write into your script WHEN it arrives.

I know what challenging thoughts these are. You may even feel that if this is true, then it sometimes seems your coach (Expanded Self) is pulling for the other team. Struggle, or suffering, is experienced by us because of our resistance: to what is (including that there’s a larger Game Plan we can be more aware participants in), to receiving (based on man-made Rules), to how the Universal Laws work, to lack of knowing how or willingness to live from our true power, etc. And, these are present in our lives because man-made Rules were imposed on us—and we agreed to them. “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.”

Item 3: “You must work harder or smarter to increase your supply of money. You can’t just have anything you want in life. Everything ‘costs’ you. You have to ‘pay’ for everything you want. You have to ‘earn’ money. There is no free lunch. You don’t get something for nothing. So, if you want more money, you have to find a way to add more value or work harder—or smarter—to get it. And you must develop the moneymaking skill and be totally and truly committed to making money or you’ll never have much.”

Consider: Maybe you can see why I used Bob’s entire paragraph on Item 3. It’s full of man-made rules, isn’t it? Rules we believe. You can focus on More Money with all your emotional attachments to this or on the Game and how you choose to play it and what you want and choose to FEEL instead. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky thinking. We give ourselves smaller demonstrations as proof every day. It’s just so contrary to what we’re used to, what we believe to be true, that we want to ignore it or call it false. We want the Truth; but when we learn what it is, we may also want it to go away. The shift from victim actor to director of our movie can feel overwhelming—so . . . responsible.

A lot of what you’ve learned about money and life isn’t the truth (the Rules). You can add what you choose to your script when you ignore the man-made Rules and follow the Universal Laws. Man-made Rules are Limiting Beliefs and False Stories.

If this information resonates for you, I suggest you avoid burdening yourself with trying to shift this overnight (or sooner). You can agree to jump into the game as a willing, more aware participant. You can agree to allow yourself to trust right timing. And, if you start to judge or criticize yourself or others, you can agree to shift this by becoming curious—about yourself, others, and the dynamics.

As your Expanded Self, as an individualized expression of ATI, acts on your behalf, what right questions might you ask yourself and, well, yourself, to better understand this and become a team player or aware director of your movie? Hearing or reading something is not the same as knowing it. When we really know it, we live it. You might start by asking to be shown how.

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