It's a sad day when someone you love can't drive because they can't think clearly.

It happens everyday. They say nothing can be done about it. Or, can it?

At the age of 68 my mother wanted so much to drive, but my father wouldn't let her. I loved her dearly and felt I could let her drive with me. Her concentration was so poor that she looked everywhere except in front of her. It was a frightening day and very heartbreaking for me, but I decided my father was right. She couldn't drive anymore.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a horrible disease affecting the mental ability to direct the body. Over the years, I saw the anger, the frustration and disappointment in her eyes, because she was unable to communicate coherently. A heartbreaking experience for both my mother and those who loved her. Ten years later she passed away.

I have since been looking for something to prevent or even reverse that sort of thing. There has been a lot uncovered about the disease since my mother died, memory problems are being resolved today including Alzheimer's.

Here's something I learned recently.

Tom Warren was diagnosed with Alzheimer's after having a CAT scan. Four years later, another CAT scan showed a normal brain. And, he was living a normal life again.

Tom has written a book, "Beating Alzheimer's" in which he gives his full story. Anyone who knows an Alzheimer's or memory loss victim needs to read this book. It gives an overview of what to do and further research. The book will open the door to hope and possibly save a person's life and spare the family much stress and horror which accompanies this disease.

Tom’s story will capture your attention and inspire you to move beyond the world of futile destiny.

Similar to an Electrical Connection

The nerve endings in the brain, must be exposed and in good condition to transmit impulses similar to electricity moving from an outlet onto the receptors of a plug. When these nerve endings are tangled and coated, they lose their ability to function as transmitters and communication becomes garbled.

Research over the last 15 years indicates that, “brain fog” memory loss and Alzheimer's are the result of foreign substances and/or allergic reactions in the brain causing swelling and the accumulation of plaque residue. Research shows brain tissue of Alzheimer's victims as tangled nerve fibers coated with plaque residue. This plaque can come from many sources - toxic metals like mercury and aluminum, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, foods, pollens, etc.

These tangled nerve fibers coated in plaque residue are found at the nerve endings (synapses) where the transmission of impulses occurs. These synapses, disfigured and coated, will not send and receive impulses, thus communication breaks down.

A lot can be done!

To aid your memory, start by balancing your body's pH (acid alkaline balance). Having the correct acid alkaline balance throughout the body will ensure the body's internal communication systems function properly, which helps the body heal itself and grow old gracefully.

Healthy blood is slightly alkaline. When too much acid accumulates in the body, it acts as a poison. The body has to deal with the acid overload by neutralizing it, storing it or excreting it through various channels. The liver can become sluggish doing a poor job, allowing the acids to accumulate. This results in many health problems like brain fog, joint pain, weight problems, etc.

If you want to reverse memory problems, it’s tricky, but can be done. Learn all you can and map out a program with your healthcare practitioner to take you or your loved one through to recovery. This would include:

*Bringing the pH's back into the normal range,
*Removing foreign substances and/or allergens causing the problem,
*Detoxifying the body,
*Ensuring a daily intake of appropriate nutrition, vitamins and minerals,
*Maintaining a mild exercise program on a daily basis. An hour walk is wonderful.

It may not be easy, but if someone wants their life back, it's well worth going for. Progress has been made. There is hope. Life can be taken back from this dread disease.

I encourage you to look further for yourself and those you love.

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Janis Ihrig - Student of Healthy Living – a Lifetime Education; writer/publisher - Newsletter: "Health Talk – Uncovering a Lost Treasure" - information and practical steps to a balanced pH;