What would you do if you had a sudden health crisis? Do you think you really know how you would handle your life changing in seconds? What would you do first? What would you think? How would you cope with the onslaught of unexpected bad news and painful feelings?

My life changed in seconds when I was informed about just such urgent health condition in 1998. This is an account of my personal healing journey.

You wake up one morning and the road you’ve been walking suddenly changes. Not feeling well, I went to see my doctor. Suddenly a routine “I don’t feel so good visit turns into a major health problem. The words “you need to have major surgery and there could be some complications...” I couldn’t even take it all in. I had that surreal feeling as though being in a dream. It was as though it wasn’t happening to me. But it was happening. After I came out of my stupor, I was very concerned and frightened. Any major surgery is, well let’s face it, is MAJOR.

I had been seeing my doctor for quite some time and felt very comfortable about his diagnosis and skill as a surgeon. He was a straight shooter and I liked him. He wanted me to be an active participant in my treatment and not to feel like a victim. So, I felt as though I was in very good hands.
Having an MD that listens and that has a heart is paramount to feeling safe physically. The question was- “how was I going to handle my mind and emotions”?

I felt as though I was sliding into a dark long tunnel. I didn’t realize it then, but I was identifying with the negative health patterns I got from both of my parents - one physical and the other emotional. Nevertheless, they were smothering me alive.

I would soon come to learn that core beliefs are learned or acquired.

I needed help and not some band-aid kind of “stiff upper lip, you’ll get through this kind of nonsense”. I needed to know ways in which I could deal, feel and heal my own mental and emotional crisis without having to run all over the state of Florida to every kind of practitioner.

I wanted to re-focus my thinking and not identify with those prescribed negative outcomes. But how? I wanted to stop all the self-sabotaging patterns. All the game playing. The question was how to do the seemingly impossible. Time was of the essence. I quickly realized that my thinking was repeatedly wounding me.

Retraining one’s mind and thinking process is difficult to say the least. We all have habits and places that we go to that we believe are safe. Or we “think” that they keep us safe. However, I now know that all they do is protect the pain and keep what we have buried deep inside us alive. Negative habits offer us make believe band-aids. Temporary solutions. Because when all is said and done old habits do not heal the wounds we protect.

I was calling out to life for serious help. I was ready to look deep inside myself. I was seeking a way to change myself. I had enough of the lies, habits and old routines.
Enter Melissa Zollo with her “Tool box of Universal Solutions” and a spirit that simply projects “help is on the way.”

My first conversation with Melissa helped me open my eyes to my feelings. It shocked me to see for myself that I was identifying with feelings of loss and illness and not WELLNESS and HEALING. Once the blinders came off, things became clear to me. I had to stop fooling myself.

What a wake up call that conversation was!

Spirit works in mysterious ways. Boy did I need that call. I had no idea what I was doing to myself. I decided not to go into condemnation for my mistakes but rather get to work on re-focusing my thinking. Rather than identify with negative outcomes, I decided to call upon the POWER WITHIN ME and CREATE NEW PATTERNS.

Healing—what a hot topic. From my conversation with Melissa, I soon realized there is a difference between healing and cure. Sometimes we heal a memory. Sometimes we heal the emotional pain. Sometimes we get a cure. Sometimes our bodies pass on. I was aware of all the possibilities.

I wanted to heal my heart and my mind. I wanted my spirit to soar again.

Melissa helped me to see that my dream was beautiful and possible if I felt it was. She taught me that we don’t have to be prisoners of our past or limited to our small minded self. We can stop subjecting ourselves to apathy or frustration. She taught me that it takes courage or desperation to change old habits.

I wanted to tap into my courage. And I did.

It is important to note that we never did discuss the health problem or diagnosis. Our time and awareness was focused on the healing process, solutions, and the Life Force. In other words, “the Inner Me”.

Once armed with Imaging techniques, it was up to me to commit to doing the inner work. So often people want help but give up on themselves and surrender to the dark side of things. I couldn’t give up. So I took her little toolbox of audiotapes and I worked a new blueprint until I felt as though I was healing something so deep inside of me. Something no doctor would ever be able to cut out or prescribe a pill for.
OK. It is not always easy to get there, but it can be done. Are you listening? This is no time to be lazy or complacent or panic. It is time to commit to doing the inner work and surrender your excuses. Think of it this way—if you don’t do it, who will?

Belief and Imagination are powerful tools.

Long before my surgery, I started building a new belief.
“I am perfectly healthy. I am perfectly healthy. I am perfectly healthy.” That is just one of the ideas that I directed to my deeper being and body. Day and Night – Night and Day– Day after Day. I seriously committed to my image for Perfect Health.

Perfect Health was the new blueprint.

Perfect Health throughout my entire body, mind and spirit. I imaged for protection for myself and the physicians who were treating me. When I had doubts, I felt myself sinking. But then I reached out and called Melissa. I dove back into seeing the OUTCOME from my imagination - - Perfect Health and Positive Outcome.

I registered early at the hospital that day. The staff at the hospital was wonderful. My doctor stopped by to see me prior the surgery and was comforting.

I had imaged that the right doctors and nurses surrounded me. Prior to receiving sedation, I had an overwhelming feeling of complete calm, to the point that I can remember lying on the hospital bed smiling. In fact, by the time of surgery, as I was in pre-op, I remember the exact point of consciousness where my mind became totally peaceful. I knew the surgery would be a total success. I knew I was already completely healed and that my doctors would be guided.

At that moment, I knew that I was in a state of Perfect Health and those “hidden healing hands” were by my side. I floated on this feeling as I drifted off into sleep. When I woke up, I still had that same feeling. I spoke to my doctor and he said that it was a complete success and that he wished he had more situations like mine with such excellent results and prognosis.

Result? My surgery was a complete success and my recovery was remarkable. Picture Perfect. The image had materialized as designed by me the dreamer and dream maker of my life.

Dreams do come true and Imaging does create reality. So, you think its over? It is not. 2 years passed when I got a phone call from Colorado, where my sister and her family were on a ski vacation. I got a phone call. I was told that she had a seizure. She was diagnosis with a “benign” brain tumor in the front part of her brain. It was shocking! I couldn’t believe this was happening again. I was beside myself. I couldn’t sleep, eat or think of anything else.

Then, the light came back into my life. I spoke with Melissa. I realized that I could make myself sick over this or uplift my thinking. I decided I had enough misery. I began to work with my tapes. I imaged. I decided to test Spirit and the One Life Principle. I used Telepathy as taught by Melissa. I went within and imaged seeing her celebrate her 40th birthday, as we had planned. I imaged seeing her playing with her children. I imaged her being perfectly healthy. As suggested by Melissa, I called Silent Unity and asked for prayer support, meanwhile still using the Present Memory tapes and following Melissa’s guidance to uplift my thinking and seek my joy and gratitude.

My sister’s surgery was delayed because she kept having adverse reactions to the anti-seizure medications.

Finally the day came. I called Melissa again, to re-enforce my confidence. This was not the time to surrender my images to doubts and fears. By the end of our conversation I was 100% anchored in the feeling of victory. To me, there became no other outcome. I knew what I had to do, having gone through my own experience. I was more concentrated and focused on health than I can ever remember.

The day came. I was physically miles away but I knew spiritually that I was with my sister. The hours passed. I decided I needed to eat for nourishment. When I returned, there was a message on my voice mail at work. I was hesitant to pick it up. But I did. It was a message from my youngest sister, saying that our sister Lisa was fine, that the tumor was completely removed, that it was benign, and that there were no complications in any manner.


Again the Power of Imagination and the Principle of Imaging had been tested and again I received a blessing.

I felt so grateful. So humbled at the thought of making the impossible possible in my life. So grateful I had used the spiritual tools and did not give up to the doubts.

I took a few moments and gave thanks. Then from within me its as if I heard the voices of all those who are in need of comfort and this knowledge. I sat there and asked Spirit to open the eyes of all doctors, healers, practitioners and hospitals and make the Present Memory audio program part of their regular treatment plan.

I know from experience that it truly helps the patient, the family and the caregivers as well.

Trust me, the only way anyone knows if this works is—through personal experience. And I know! You just have to be willing to do the inner work and never ever give up.

I learned so much from my phone calls with a remarkable woman – Melissa Zollo.

One of the things that impressed me is that she does not seek followers or pretend that she’s the one with magical powers. Right from the get go she told me I was the architect of my life and it was up to me to find out if Imagination creates reality. I soon understood that you don’t need to belong to the right church, or participate in a certain religion, do astrology, or channel to heal. All you have to do is seek the Source Within and reconnect with the Power that heals.

Melissa inspired me to go within and The Power of Imagination audio program assisted me in doing just that. What a gift this audio program is if you really make a commitment to changing yourself from the inside out. . The formula for success is on these tape programs for each of us to use. Use these tapes and you will learn how mountains get moved.

Here are some tips I learned from Melissa. I’d like to share them with you:

1. Create a new blueprint.
2. Choose your own ideas. This way you won’t follow someone else’s affirmations.
3. Capture the feeling of being healthy, safe, secure, loved and protected regardless of appearances.
4. Build a new belief; let the old one go, even if Mom and Dad gave you the belief.
5. Evaluate what you put into your mind, what you read and watch on TV.
6. Claim your heart’s desire. Use the laws of life on your own behalf.
7. Everything is possible even the impossible.
8. Give 100% of yourself to the image. Stop all the excuses and game playing.
9. Feed the new image morning noon and night. And I mean do it until you feel differently.
10. Don’t surrender to the fear. (To many of us give up to depression.)
11. Stop focusing on Disease and start focusing on Health.
12. Let Go and Trust the Power Within. Do this and you’ll live in the present moment, in your present memory.

Whatever you do, try not to underestimate the power of your own mind. Tune in and don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked by excuses or other people. Walk away form anyone who is toxic to the fulfillment of your dream.

It is your Choice.

Remember Imagination is Power and You Have It!

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Melissa Zollo, law of attraction and self motivation specialist, is the author of "Discover the Power of Imagination" and "How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money" CD audio programs. FREE daily tips and newsletter available at www.presentmemory.com.

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