Human conversation is the most important part of any society. Without it a society can't prosper, or for that matter even functionally exist. All of us, as human beings, need to have conversation with another human being, no matter who you are. Conversation is a fundamental part of our human nature.

Conversation is so important to us that it’s not impossible to have several varying types of conversation throughout the day. Conversations can be about business, relationships, politics, and practically any other subject you might now think of.

There are also certain kinds of conversations that each of us love to talk about, some the same and some different. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Art is a fairly neutral conversational topic, as well as being quite an interesting topic to talk about. Most people have an appreciation for art, in one form or another. Some people like the paintings of Van Goegh, while others like the bizarre expressions of Picasso, and still others may have an interest in the more contemporary art forms.

Art is interpretative, each person having their own perception of what the artist is expressing, and everyone pretty much knows this. And because of this, art can become quite an interesting conversational topic.

Sports, although not always a neutral topic of conversation, can be a source of interesting and exciting conversation that many people love to talk about, especially among men. Many people enjoy talking about the victories of their favorite team or competitor. Conversations about sports can become intense, especially during finals or championships.

It has been said, in the past, that politics is not something to be talked about, primarily because each of us can have strong opinions about it. However, it is those opinions that can make a conversation very interesting and many people do love talking about politics.

The point here is that if you want to have an interesting conversation you sometimes may want to select a controversial topic to talk about. But be careful here, controversy can sometimes lead to heated debates.

Additionally, controversial topics should only be brought up with those you know fairly well and not someone you don’t.

For most women the conversation about clothes can be very interesting, especially among the young. Most young women, especially those who are single, are concerned about their appearance, which includes the clothes they wear.

Therefore, an interesting topic of conversation they love to talk about is clothes. This topic can include talking about fashion designs or designers, places to buy that ‘hot outfit’, clothing accessories, or even what someone else is wearing.

Family is another interesting topic most woman love to talk about, especially those who are married and/or are raising children. There is not a woman who is raising a child who does not talk about her child and loves it. Prove it to yourself. The next time you see a woman talk about her child look in her face and you will see it light up in some way or other.

Conversations about family can actually be interesting for anyone wanting to talk about it. When we talk about family to one another it somehow creates a tighter bond with the ones we are having the conversation with, a connection.

The list of interesting topics people love to talk about is not limited to the above mentioned. They are just a couple of quick ideas to get you thinking about some topics of your own. However, feel free to use these when you have another opportunity for a conversation with someone.

And keep this in mind: Connection is why we have to converse with one another. It is conversation with someone else that maintains a human connection between us all.

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