International Angel Day will be celebrated this year on Sunday, September 7. In honor of this wonderful event, this post will be dedicated to providing you with a simple way to understand the Archangels and to begin to connect with them on your own. I believe that all human beings represent the energy of the Archangels here on Earth. Through the process of our Souls taking physical form, we ground the energies of the Archangels into the physical plane, and the expression of these energies is a defining aspect of our highest path and purpose in our lifetime.

The following is a list of the seven Great Archangels, the qualities they represent, and an invocation which will help you to personally connect with each one of them. You may use it in this way; during the coming week, set aside just five minutes either in the beginning of your day or at the end to become still and connect with one of the Archangels. Look at the list that follows and choose one of the Archangels based upon your current situation. Then open your heart and say the invocation silently or aloud. Then pay attention to the subtle response of the Archangel you chose. As we approach International Angel Day, there is greater opportunity to connect with the Angels in a deep and profound way. Take this week to make a personal connection.

Archangel Uriel-

Uriel's name means "God is light, "because he illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. Uriel is regarded as one of the wisest angels. He is very much like an old sage whom you can call upon for information, practical solutions, and creative insight. Uriel has a strong connection to the Earth and is very protective of this planet. Unlike most sages, Uriel is easily accessible, so you will not have to climb a mountain to reach him. He will always come to you when you call him, and you will realize that he has answered your prayer when you notice a brilliant new ,that has come into your mind.

You can use the following invocation to ask for Uriel's help: "Archangel Uriel, I ask for your wisdom on (describe the situation you would like information about). I need as much information as possible so that I can clearly see the truth of this situation. Please help me to make an informed decision by filling me in on all of the perspectives involved. Help me to receive this information with an open mind and to understand it clearly. Thank you, Uriel."

Archangel Zadkiel-

Zadkiel's name means "the righteousness of God." He is considered to be the Archangel of mercy and benevolence, and his presence is very healing. Zadkiel can help you to feel mercy and compassion toward yourself and others. He helps you to let go of judgment and blame, and to replace it with faith and compassion.

If you are having difficulty forgiving yourself or someone else, you can ask Zadkiel to intervene. You can use the following invocation to ask for Zadkiel's help: "Archangel Zadkiel, please help me heal my heart. Please help me to release all judgment and fill my heart with compassion regarding (describe the situation you are having trouble with). I surrender this situation fully to you and God, and I trust that your God-given healing power will take care of every detail with Divine grace, harmony, and wisdom. Thank you, Zadkiel.

Archangel Jophiel-

Jophiel's name means "the beauty of God," and is the Archangel of art and beauty, perfection, cosmic law and order, and balance. Jophiel helps us to see and appreciate the beauty around us and to create, manifest, and attract more beauty into our lives. Jophiel helps us with the manifestation of our visions.

If you are having difficulty with negative thinking, you can ask Jophiel to intervene, using the following invocation: "Archangel Jophiel, please help me with (describe the situation). Thank you for helping me see the inner Divine beauty within myself and everyone involved. Thank you for your intervention in creating a beautiful outcome. In gratitude, and in the name of all that is beautiful, I thank you, Jophiel."

Archangel Raphael-

Raphael's name means "God heals." Raphael is a powerful healer. His healing is available to us at all levels of our being; the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Raphael's healing powers can be invoked on behalf of ourselves or our loved ones. He heals people directly and also guides human healers in their work.

If you need personal healing of any kind, you can ask Raphael to intervene, using the following invocation:"Archangel Raphael, I need help with (describe the situation). Please surround and infuse my body with the healing energy of Divine love. I surrender this situation to God and accept this healing completely. Thank you for the energy, wellness, and happiness, God and Raphael."

Archangel Gabriel-

Gabriel's name means "God is my strength." Gabriel is known as the "messenger" angel after telling Elizabeth and Mary of the impending births of their sons, John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. Gabriel's role continues in this world, helping both parents and human messengers. She guides hopeful parents toward child conception or through the process or adopting a child. She also helps anyone whose life purpose involves communication, including teachers, writers, speakers, speech therapists, and those who deliver spiritual messages.

If you need help with a communication project, use the following invocation to request Gabriel's help: "Archangel Gabriel, I ask for your presence as I (describe the project). Please help me to open my creative channels so that I may be truly inspired. Open my mind so that I may receive new insights and ideas, and please help me to speak with truth and accuracy so that all may be inspired by my words. Thank you, Gabriel."

Archangel Michael-

Michael's name means "he who is like God." Michael is known as the spiritual warrior, and is a leader among Archangels; his chief function being to rid the Earth and its inhabitants of the toxic effects of fear. He helps anyone who is in danger or perceived danger.

If you find yourself feeling vulnerable, you can invoke Michael's presence by saying or thinking, "Archangel Michael, please come to me now. I need your help!". Archangel Michael will instantly come to your side , lending you courage and ensuring your safety, both physically and emotionally. You'll feel his warrior-like presence next to you in much the same way that a loving bodyguard would protect you. As a result, anyone who might have intended you harm will have a change of mind or heart.

Archangel Chamuel-

Chamuel's name means "he who sees God." Chamuel is the leader of the angels who oversee the protection of the world from negative influences. Chamuel also helps us personally to connect with God and to align with the light. Chamuel helps us to seek out positive relationships, and to uncover our life purpose.

If you have recently been taking on too much and need to rebalance your energy, you can invoke Chamuel's help by saying, "Archangel Chamuel, please help me to rebalance my energy. Help me to embrace the state of 'being' just as much as the state of 'doing'. Relax my body and my mind and help me to find a sense of peace in my current situation. Thank you, Archangel Chamuel."

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Mary Riposo received her PhD in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University. She is a NY State Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Psychologist. Mary has also completed training in a variety of healing modalities; she is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Polarity Therapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Divinely Guided Life Coach. She owns and runs the Center for Integrated Energy Healing, which offers energy healing sessions, transpersonal counseling, intuitive readings, intuitive development training, and Reiki certification classes. She has written a book, "Using Reiki with Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals," which is available through her website. For more information, go to