The internet attraction marketing model revolves around teaching and education. While network marketing may give the impression of loud sales pitches and almost harrassing prospecting techniques the truth is, times have well and truly changed.

Internet attraction marketing is about putting your message in front of those who are ready to receive it and then applying teaching techniques. The simple fact is that teaching sells, not a loud sales pitch and if this sounds a little strange then stay with me as we explain in this article.

Attraction Marketing Formula

Putting your message in front of your prospects means targeting those who are ready to hear it. In a time of recession, there are many looking for home business opportunities. The problem with network marketing is going after people who are simply minding their own business and thinking anything but home business.

So first things first, your promotions must be placed in front of home business seekers, those who have already expressed a desire to learn more information.

The next step is important. Once prospects come into your funnel, don't greet them with a sales pitch, but instead greet them with some education.

Inform, teach and educate your prospects with what you know. This is the most powerful way to break down those barriers of trust. You need to realize that a prospect doesn't know you from the next person. Why would they want to buy from you the first couple of times you make contact with them?

Look at those with the most success in internet attraction marketing and why they are successful. At the core of their prospecting is a system in place where new people that come into their funnel are immediately given information not of a sales nature, but an educational one.

The first job you need to perform is to melt away the resistance from a new lead. By showing them how instead of why, this resistance will disappear into online oblivion.

Finally, remember this, before you can hit anyone with a sales message in online attraction marketing you need to earn the right to pitch to them. This means earning their respect first and then their business.

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