Eye contact is a massive thing when it comes to being able to read the body language of an individual, whether male or female. The saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" is completely true, and, unless the man in question is good at using a blank expression to cover thoughts and feelings, can reveal far more than any other element of body language.

Direct eye contact is better than flickering movements towards and away from you, but both can denote positive feelings towards you. Direct and lingering eye contact will usually mean that he wants to get to know you that little bit better. Flickering glances will often mean this too, but will also show that he is shy and reluctant to make the first move.

On the other hand, if the guy does not make eye contact with, or glares at you, then he probably is not interested in you. Don't take it personal- you may not be his type, or he may just be having a bad day!

There is another thing to check for, but for this you will have to be up close to the man...

Look carefully into his eyes, and check how wide his pupils are. When men (and women), are aroused, their pupils become dilated. This is totally subconscious, which makes it a great thing to check for.

Eye contact is a good way of judging whether or not you are getting a positive or negative response from your man, but like all body language, should not be used in isolation.

You need to check all of his body language to get a true sense of what he is thinking.

His hand gestures, general demeanour, his facial expressions (Ideally he should be smiling during the eye contact), are all important too, and as you learn more about body language, you will find reading men easier and easier.

But while your starting, the eyes are a great place to start, and should give you a good idea about what the man in question thinks about you.

Good luck!

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Peta Fletcher is an expert on body language. She has written a book- "The Secret Body Language Guide For Women", which reveals everything you need to know about body language.

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