For every child, growing up is a series of transitions from one stage to another. Sometimes we can tell they are happening, sometimes we make them happen, and sometimes we wonder if they should wait.

We bring babies home to cribs, and they outgrow them. We hold our breath as they sleep that first night in a “big kid” bed, hoping they won’t roll out, or sleepwalk, or decide to get up before we do and make us a ketchup sandwich for breakfast!

If you are thinking you’d like to switch to bunk beds for your children, here are some things to consider before making this transition.

If your child is very young, consider the type of bunks you might buy to help them make that first move from a crib. One option is to purchase a bunk with a double bed on the bottom, and a twin on top, and remove the ladder. If your child is not a climber, this option will serve you well. They have room enough to roll around without falling out of bed, and they might like the sheltered feeling of having a bunk overhead.

If your child is older, or you have children getting ready to share a room, bunks can be a lifesaver. Children who have to share a room sometimes feel their space is invaded, so bunk beds can help them claim a part of the room for their own. They also might like the space-saving aspect of bunks, especially if they learn to store items neatly underneath.

If your children need to share, and are not close in age, consider a futon bunk bed. Your older child will have a double-size bed that can become a sofa, and your younger child will have a regular twin-size bed above it. This option is nice to transition that room and its occupants for when there’s only one – the sofa can stay a sofa, and the child feels more grownup, having it there.

Many bunk beds have the option to be separated or stacked, depending on the need and the space they will fit, so you have many choices. Some have optional furniture to fit in with them, should you need it. If you think your child is ready, or you need a change, consider the flexible option of bunk beds.

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Don VanPelt is a writer for Bunk Beds Central, who has published many articles about bunk beds. You can read his comments and get his recommendations on the best places to purchase bunk beds at Bunk Bed Central.