Seems like America and the individuals inside of America are really focused in on their problems right now. "Oh, woe is me!"

And they're wondering, in the helpless little state they're in, who's going to bail them out, who's going to give them economic stimulus, who's going to pay their mortgage, who's going to give them free medical care, who's going to, who's going to, who's going to, who's going to! And they seldom think of themselves as being part of a solution.

Whereas there are people who have a different outlook on life, a different worldview—and remember, it's all about think and its myriad ramifications. Nobody said that just because it was one little word that it was easy, especially in context.

It's all about how you think.

All it takes is a simple outlook change, a change in worldview, to where you know—by golly, you know with every fiber of your heart and soul—that you will encounter challenges, adversities, adventures, setbacks. You will. Don't worry—it's a guaranteed fact.

So you change your point of view, knowing you will. It's inevitable. But like snowy weather if you live in a winter environment, you're not going to let what's inevitable affect your attitude, affect the outcomes that you have decided you want for yourself in your life and affairs.

You're going to attack, with a totally different approach. You are going in as the responsible party. You are facing the challenges and adventures. And what the bails-outs, and the snail-outs, and the new bureaucrat crybabies and all the rest of the people do, it's news—and you may, in fact, find a way to benefit from that.

But you're not going to be caught in it in a way that makes you helpless. You're involved in it, alright, and it’s a trigger that calls on you to be resourceful! And you love it!

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