Dry skin is uncomfortable and unsightly. Have you wondered what will help dry skin? Many people with dry skin find that ingredients in commercially available lotions are irritating to their delicate skin. They find themselves wondering about gentle products with natural ingredients. Could these be what will help dry skin? Here are some natural cures for extra dry skin.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe vera gel from the houseplant aloe vera is a soothing lotion for extra dry skin. This wonderful substance is antiseptic and antifungal as well as being able to cool hot dry skin. The houseplant is attractive and easy to grow, but the gel is also available in many skin lotions and creams. To use the gel directly from the plant, simply break off a leaf. You can squeeze a small amount of gel out of the broken end, or you can use a small knife to cut the outer skin of the leaf to access more of the gel. The gel does not go bad, so you can keep the unused part of the leaf around for future needs. Aloe vera has been studied in the laboratory. It has been found to contain ingredients that are known to stop pain and itching. It also prevents infection in cracked or raw dry skin. If you are buying a commercially prepared lotion, what will help dry skin is to choose one that has aloe vera gel listed as one of the first few ingredients. Many products are labeled as containing aloe vera, but really contain very little of it.

Marshmallow Herb:
The wild herb marshmallow (althea officinalis) and it's cousin low mallow, (Malva neglecta) sometimes called "cheeses," are natural cures for extra dry skin. A tea made from marshmallow root or leaf soaked in cold water (2 tablespoons of dry powdered root to 1 quart of water) overnight can be taken three times a day. The herb is mucilagenous, which means that the tea or poultice preparations made with it become slimy. This sliminess is what makes mucilagenous herbs dry skin solutions. It is healing and soothing on dry skin. Dip a cloth in the tea to apply to the dry skin directly. The powdered root of the marshmallow can be added to skin cream or water to make a soothing lotion for dry skin. It can be purchased in bulk from many health food stores.

Colloidal Oatmeal:
You can find other natural cures for extra dry skin at your health food store. Oatmeal is often used in home remedies for dry skin. Check labels and you will find that some of the natural dry skin solutions at the health food store also contain oatmeal. Colloidal oatmeal is oatmeal that has been ground into a powder so fine it will distribute itself in water. It is widely available under the brand name of Aveeno, among others. Try adding two cups of this colloidal oatmeal to a bathtub full of warm water for a soothing soak. People have been using oatmeal baths as natural cures for extra dry skin for over 4000 years. Some dry skin solutions have stood the test of time!

Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil and other healthy oils can be added to the diet or rubbed onto the skin. Avocado and raw milk are also full of natural saturated fats that can be helpful to the skin. Satuated fats are usually regarded as unhealthy, but some nutritionists are saying that it's the type of saturated fat that makes the difference. Coconut oil is mostly what they call medium-chain fatty acids, as compared to others that are short or long-chain. These are considered more healthful, but only if they are not hydrogenated. Hydrogenation is the process chemists use to turn a liquid oil into a solid one, as in turning soybean oil into margarine or shortening. It is well-known now that hydrogenated fats really should not be in our diets. They contain "trans fats" which are harmful. Some vegetable oils like coconut oil, are solid at room temperature, if the day is cool. But even if you don't desire to add coconut oil to your diet, it still makes a good oil for dry skin.

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