To achieve any goal, all you need to do is COMMIT yourself to achieving it.

Sounds simple... but what that really means is committing yourself to doing every single thing that's necessary to achieve that goal.

And that's where it can be challenging...

You may tell yourself that you're "committed" to getting a new job... or to start a business... or to become wealthy... or to get a book published...

But have you really committed yourself to doing ALL the little -- and big tasks -- that are necessary to achieve that goal? Are you committed to making ALL the necessary sacrifices?

That's what commitment to a goal is really about.

So... how do you commit yourself then?

You'll hear people talk about visualization, affirmations, positive self-talk and other techniques designed to "re-program" your mind so that you're COMPELLED to fulfill your commitment. You'll also hear many people claim that these techniques don't work!

Well, it doesn't matter "what works" -- what matters is "what works for YOU".

And what works for you is... WHAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU BEFORE.

You see, you've already committed to achieving goals in the past... and you've achieved those goals.

So why not do what you did then in order to commit yourself now?

For example, if you're starting a new hobby, you might recall that when you embraced other hobbies in the past you did specific things that helped you learn a lot about the hobby and develop key skills in a relatively short period of time. It might have been purchasing books and magazines related to the hobby, visiting relevant websites, and/or joining groups of like-minded people to discuss and take part in the hobby.

Not only are these activities enjoyable and valuable in themselves, but they also form your Commitment Ritual, which essentially enables you to fully commit to, and stick with, the new hobby.

Another example -- when I decided to become a competitive runner a few years ago (as opposed to just running for fitness) I read a lot of books and magazines about running, I joined a running club, I kept a training diary, I joined an online running forum, I competed in races, and I visualized a lot, among other things.

That's how I committed myself to running.

In fact, everything I did was part of a "COMMITMENT RITUAL" that got me hooked on running -- and not just willing, but EAGER -- to get up and train at 6am every morning -- rain, hail or shine!

And, now, having had my kids, I'm going through the same ritual to get back into competitive running again.

Now you might have a different Commitment Ritual. In fact, you might have different Commitment Rituals for different kinds of goals. But the point is -- you have at least one Commitment Ritual.

So... the question is:

Which tried and true Commitment Ritual can you use now to achieve your current goal?

Author's Bio: 

Anna Johnson is the creator of the inspiring 1 minute movie, "A Bit Of Inspiration" -- Enjoy the movie and get inspired! Then claim your free A Bit Of Inspiration screensaver - your daily reminder of the power you have within.