Art of Water Placement

The use of water feature has been widely applied in Feng Shui practice. It is believed to be able to create wealth and good fortune by many. But this is however not true. Water does not in anyway represent wealth, abundance and prosperity. By the law of nature, "Qi" is carried and dispersed by the wind and preserve in the water.

In fact, having the wrong application and placement of water feature in your home may actually just bring you and your family more harm and misfortune instead, probably also resulting in a financial loss.

In this ancient chinese knowledge, the use of water is there to only help harness the "Qi" of our surrounding environment to better enhance your life achievement.

By the law of nature, "Qi" is carried and dispersed by the wind and preserve in the water.

In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, water is used to gather the good "Qi" to bring about beneficial changes in your life. The placement of water in your house is arranged accordingly to the different period and individual house's directional position to help achieve that.

Perhaps there are just some water features lying in your home right now at this very moment? Then you should better be beware of the possible danger you might be actually facing if the positioning of them are wrong.

Below are some common general Feng Shui guides that you might have come across.

Location to Be Placing Water Feature:

  • North Sector: Career or Business Success; Increase of Income
  • Southeast Sector: Overall Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
  • East Sector: Family Harmony and Health

These locations may not exactly always be correct for water placement. Many just follow blindly without even knowing that they might had install a water feature at the very wrong location in their house, which may actually bring about more harm and misfortune than to benefits for them.

Location to Avoid Placing Water Feature:

  • Bedroom: It will cause financial loss and weakening of love relationship

This again is not true. It may actually be allowed if the formation of your house permits and in fact for some cases, placing of water feature in the room can be exceptionally beneficial.

In order to get the correct spot for the placement of water feature and its flow direction, it must be based on individual house's flying stars chart and house's formation analysis chart and this is better done with the help of a true professional Feng Shui practitioner.

Everyone should note that the art of placing water feature are not meant for beginners.

Perhaps to just share with you a good example: A friend of mine was advised by a Feng Shui practitioner to have water feature installed in the Northwest sector in his living room to activate a good facing star. It was true that in general, facing star number 8 is certainly a good star to be activating for period 8. But little was he aware that by doing so, he has actually violated the Indirect Spirit rule.

No water feature should ever be placed in the Northwest sector, as it will violate the Indirect Spirit rule. And indeed after placing the water feature there, he encountered more difficulties in his life rather than getting the benefits that he was looking forward to.

You see, even some Feng Shui practitioners can actually make such a grave mistake.

Even when you are armed with the Special Water Dragon formation, you must never forget that the Indirect Spirit rule should never ever be violated.

All Special Water Formation have their basis but then again, certain vital rules are never to be overlooked.

  • You are never to violate both the Direct and Indirect Spirit rules by placing any water feature there no matter how good a spot or position it may be
  • You must correctly locate the center point of the house in order to accurately identify the dragon spot for placing your water feature
  • You have to carefully examine the external factors coming from any existing real landform that may be outside the house to correctly bring in the good "Qi".

The art of Water placement in Feng Shui can certainly be complicated. Studying of it may seem easy but the actual application may not just be that easy.

It certainly requires a true understanding and strong foundation of this ancient chinese fundamental to be able to get things correct, to be better bringing about beneficial changes to your life. As mentioned earlier, the wrong placement of water feature in the house may result in undesired harm and misfortune like divorce, financial loss, poor health… etc.

You can't afford to go wrong. Unless you are absolutely sure, it is still best to leave it to the professional.

Important Note: Not all houses are ideal for installing water feature.

Remember, there is not shortcut to getting rich and success overnight. The use of Feng Shui is there to only help harness the Earth Luck, which account for 33% of our life. To achieve a success in life, you nevertheless still have to be willing to work hard to fulfill the other 33% of Human Luck. Your hard work is certainly going to play a major part in achieving your success.

Having the correct attitude and mindset, the correct application of Feng Shui can certainly help to harness both our earth and human luck to complement one another, bringing about beneficial changes to one and to help them be achieving more in their life.

Last but not least, I would like to share with you one of my favorite quotes by the famous Italian renaissance artist and painter, Leonardo Da Vinci

  • A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul. The former is easy, the latter hard as he has to represent it by the attitude and movement of the limbs
  • People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

Best of luck!


Jon Sim
Geomancer & Feng Shui Master of, Art of Asia Classical Feng Shui.

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Jon Sim
Geomancer & Feng Shui Master of, Art of Asia Classical Feng Shui.