As you may have discovered for yourself, sticking with an exercise program long enough to make it an actual habit can be difficult, to say the least. While hopefully most of you reading this are either currently exercising or planning to start doing so in the near future, almost all of you will at one time or another grow tired of your current fitness program. That is the point that will either make or break you. In order to make fitness a lifestyle and develop a new and lasting habit for yourself, you have to persevere beyond the point that initial boredom may set in.

Unfortunately, most people expect immediate results when undergoing a fitness program, and expecting so often leaves people disappointed when they don’t meet those high expectations. If you stop and think logically about how it took you possibly three years of living a sedentary lifestyle, eating fast food, and not exercising, then it is logical not to expect to drop 20 pounds of body fat and gain five pounds of muscle in the first month!

Rather than expect immediate results, you should focus on taking it one day at a time and look for the enjoyment and feeling of fulfillment in your new lifestyle. Trust that your efforts will pay off, and look, listen, and feel how your body is changing. It will surprise you how in-touch you can actually become with your body over the course of a few years. Observe whether or not you feel an increase in energy, or possible you are hungry more often than you were before (signifying an increase in metabolism). You may notice a feeling of rejuvenation for life—you’re now looking forward to each day because you’re feeling good! Along with that may come feelings of optimism and maybe even improved relationships with loved ones. Possibly you won’t require as much sleep as you did before. You’ll probably be surprised at the impact the exercise can make on your life.

These are things that most people overlook when passing judgment on their newly undertaken fit lifestyle. It is obviously important to achieve physical results as well, like changes in body measurements, weight, and the way your clothing fit, especially if your life depends on it, but don’t overlook the intrinsic changes along the way.

So remember to give yourself some time and don’t expect immediate results. Instead just try and learn to enjoy the process. It actually feels good to feel good!

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Melissa Allen, CPT, BS, is a certified personal trainer & exercise therapist, as well as the owner of Optimum Condition—Mobile Personal Training & Exercise Therapy. She is a self-syndicated columnist who welcomes input from her readers, so please contact her with any questions or comments by visiting her website at