If you've ever done a "dirty bulk" you'll know that it isn't the most efficient way of building muscle. Sure, you might gain a heap of weight in a very short time, but you'll also end up looking like the michelin man. And that's not why you joined a gym in the first place, was it? If you wanted to do that, you could've become a VIP over at McDonalds.

So what alternatives do you have? Is it really possible to build lean muscle? Sure it is, you just have to be smart. And in the muscle building world, thats pretty rare. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that the gains you make will be lean. And by lean I mean mostly muscle. Unless you're a genetic freak, chances are you will find it hard to not put any fat on.

The things I'm about to mention are vital for building as much muscle as you can, while putting on the least amount of fat that you can. How much of each you gain will depend on mainly your body type (Nothing you can do about that) and how smart you are about how you go about it. So lets have a look at what will really help you build lean muscle tissue.

The first thing I'm going to mention is also the most important. If you don't have your diet in check, you may as well not even bother about turning up to the gym. Seriously, most of the people who never see results, never see results because of their poor diet. Theres an old saying in the muscle building world that says how much you eat determines whether you gain or lose weight, but what you eat determines what you gain or lose.

Read that previous sentence a couple of times. This really is the key to building lean muscle. If you eat the right amount of food, and eat clean food, you are well on your way to building slabs of hard, lean muscle.

The second key is to train as smart and as hard as you can. Might seem a bit obvious, but most people don't do this at all. If you think you need to change your rep ranges, or the weight you're lifting, you're mistaken. Just continue to lift like you normally would. Theres no difference at all. Stick to heavy, compound movements. Keep on squatting, benching and you'll be on the right track to building all the lean muscle you want.

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