What does a woman do if she finds out that she has kidney stones and her pregnancy is almost full term?

Kidney stones and pregnancy often meet during the last phases of a woman’s pregnant condition. Besides, statistics show that only 1 out of 1,500 pregnant women develop stones during her term.

As a woman gets intro stricter diet when she reaches her final month of pregnancy, it rarely happens that said kidney stones will present any problem during her delivery.

If worse comes to worst, surgery can be done immediately after the mother gives birth. However, it is only a mere thought on the part of some medical practitioners since there has been no record yet that a woman had to go kidney stone removal surgery almost simultaneously with her delivery.

Kidney stones and pregnancy in fact, present little conflict. The higher calcium intake required in a pregnant woman’s diet makes it possible to lessen the calcium present in a pregnant woman’s kidney.

The calcium intake provides better absorption in the intestines. Whatever oxalate forming substances present, are no longer carried in the blood stream and deposited to the kidney for excretion. Instead, these wastes bind themselves to the calcium elements and are carried out of the body via the large intestines.

Reasons Why Some Pregnant Women Form Kidney Stones

1. The lack of fluid intakes whether in the form of water or juices, can cause mild dehydration and insolubility of the urine.

2. The stone may be residual stones, carried over by the female to her pregnancy terms.

3. The inability of the digestive system to hold the increase of calcium intakes may often cause formation of calcium oxalates; if the calcium was not contained in the digestive system for excretion.

4. The intake of vitamins and mineral supplements as well as the natural vitamins and mineral taken in large amounts by the pregnant mother, may have caused sudden changes and formation of kidneys.

5. One medical consideration attributes kidney stones during pregnancy to the size and position of the uterus. This particular aspect was discerned to have restricted the flow of urine to the bladder, causing waste and oxalate build up in the kidneys.

6. The pregnant woman is less active during her term, hence she has less exercise; the increase in body weight includes the weight of the baby in her womb, and restricts movement during pregnancy.

Kidney stones and pregnancy however, is not a matter to be taken lightly. A female person who develops kidney stone during pregnancy is liable to experience its recurrence.

Hence, women who came out of their pregnancy should revert into eating the proper kinds and amount of food, as well as workout to get back into proper shape. Otherwise, carrying on with unhealthy eating habits, lessening of fluid intakes and forsaking exercise routines can make kidney stones recur.

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