It is hard to believe that the holiday season is almost over. Holidays have always been a time to revel in that special joy that comes from sharing and socializing with family, friends, and coworkers. Just the thought of golden juicy turkeys and gifts wrapped in bright shiny paper is enough to elicit that euphoric holiday spirit. Personal reflection and heightened awareness finds its way into both our home and workplace. Unfortunately, along with our happiness and ¡®newfound wisdom' comes the stress associated with added responsibilities and commitments.

It is easy to get trapped in the chaos of shortened workweeks, increased workloads, social events, major shopping commitments, and loose sight of the experience and lessons to be learned. Why not take this opportunity to become more introspective and determine what aspect of your job brings you the most joy and pride. Challenge yourself to change at least one thing that no longer brings you happiness. Consider burying resentments that have arisen from heresy and rumor mongers. Open your thoughts to holding a more positive working attitude year round.

The 80's ushered in an era of ¡®quality', employee 'total buy-in' and ¡®110%' participation. A stronger economy in the 90's has forced many businesses to reassess how they manage their employee/employer relationships. The focus has shifted more to the "people first" approach and away from the "bottom line" thinking. The difference today is, in addition to their salaries, workers want to feel valued and appreciated. Even in an employees market where unemployment is at its lowest rate in years, many people are still willing to commit 110% to their employer if they feel valued. Most of us have the need and desire to know that our contribution is making a difference. We thrive on that feeling of pride and accomplishment when we perform to the best of our abilities. The economy has facilitated a change in employer's attitudes, but make no mistake ? the change was inevitable. Businesses that have learned to value their employees more than their product or service, have seen increases in morale, profits, and customer satisfaction rates.

If you enjoy your current job and believe you are valued, then I challenge you to maintain your focus consistently over the upcoming year on what is right within your organization and not on what is wrong. If you are not currently enjoying your work and you do not feel your efforts are valued, then I would ask you to reassess your position and consider moving on.

Holidays bring with them much stress and yet the majority of us look forward to their arrival year after year. Let your holiday spirit remind you to value the work you do, take pride in the product or service your company provides, and try to use that same mindset on everyday workplace problems. Take this time to think about what you personally can do to enhance your workplace.

You have the power to make a difference in the workplace¡¦ use it wisely and frequently.

Author's Bio: 

Jeffrey King is a leadership consultant and co-owner of
Leadership With A Heart Training Systems.