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LESSON 2 : From KG to K-HOW!

Dear friend

How was your day? Hope it has been a good one. Hope too that you enjoyed your first Lesson on SUCCESS IS NOT A MYTH and had a little chat with your loved ones.

You might wonder what is this little gimmick “From KG to K-HOW”? No, in fact it is not a gimmick nor a marketing slang. It is directly from my book PERSONAL SUCCESS – MADE EASY. One chapter is fully dedicated to KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, which is the buzzword in Management and SUCCESS circles. I simply took Knowledge Management and dissected it and put it in simple words how you could use this powerful concept to achieve and sustain your PERSONAL SUCCESS.

KG means Knowledge Gathering. As you know - Knowledge simply means “to know” something. However, so much Knowledge is floating in this world and most of it is FREE for the one who CARES TO STOP AND SEE. Some Core Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge, however, is costly because the creators / developers of that knowledge have packaged it to sell it for a premium price because they have worked and sacrificed for it. Quite often, it works and delivers results and saves you precious time and hard work.

Some people think that those who go to the LIBRARY have nothing to do and are wasting a lot of time. Most of them go there to be “well informed”, to Gather Knowledge and build upon their current “RESERVES” of knowledge to make better decisions, achieve well in their tasks and exams and in a way to “BECOME SUCCESSFUL” without realizing it. Most have the library in their fingertips now – all you have to do is to LOGIN to the internet and REAP your Knowledge.

So many people however, are at KG level [ie, Knowledge Gathering], and this I call it KINDERGARTEN [KG] stage. They stay there for ages and make very little progress. Knowledge Gathering is a good [and in fact the first and very essential] step in the pathway toward success. But, just as in any effort, you have to have a plan and purpose why you are gathering any piece of Knowledge in the first place. Ask yourself “what is my motive and purpose in gathering this knowledge?”

After gathering your knowledge you need to PUT IT TO USE! You need to DEVELOP it, and MANAGE it with an ultimate aim to APPLY it to achieve your success goals. I have dedicated a full section on APPLICATION in my book.

Taking a piece of your gathered / acquired knowledge and putting it in APPLICATION phase is crucial in achieving your PERSONAL SUCCES. If some one has done a work and documented it and you went and gathered that knowledge and when you have learnt [and in most cases you need to master] that SYSTEM and METHOD to do it yourself, you develop what is known as “KNOW-HOW”. Know-How simply means “I KNOW HOW TO DO IT MYSELF”. This needs discipline and skill-building. Naturally, it takes time and high-level commitment. However, when others have done the hard work and you just need to do YOUR PART, you should not really feel tired. Instead, you should be motivated and excited about it all.

So, you got the picture? You know clearly now what it means. It is not my marketing gimmick made up for people to buy my book. This is simply one of my many ideas I share with you wholeheartedly in my book.

Just to recap - so that it stays in your mind for the rest of the day/week “From KG to K-HOW”. If you want to be successful, just make a change from today. Don’t just stop at KG [Knowledge Gathering] stage which I called “Kindergarten” stage but MOVE ON to make your Knowledge into KNOW-HOW [I know-how-to-do it-myself] to progress towards your success destination. I can’t push you to move on because it is YOU who has to make that decision. One full section is dedicated on DECISION in my book.

I have given three great models in my book on how you can benefit from your own knowledge and from the Acquired Knowledge and use it to achieve your PERSONAL SUCCESS. In addition, I have given some beautiful colour drawings, which vividly stay in your mind to remind you and motivate you toward achieving your success goals. Individuals, families, communities and nations that harness the power of Knowledge Management are bound to excel in what they do and will be leaders in their chosen fields.

Have a wonderful day.

For your Success

Daniel M. Kolapudi [Dr.]
Ph.D., M.B.A.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Daniel M. Kolapudi was born in India in a family of 9 children and grew up in a village with no roads, no hospital, no electricity and no tap water. He humbly recalls that his father was his mentor and his mother was his doctor. He had to walk 12 kilometres a day, 6 days a week to attend high school and at the end of the day came home to study under a kerosene lamp. None of his family members had a college degree prior to him. None from his village had a straight pass in the High School final year in first attempt. With the prayers, help and motivation of his parents, he worked hard and passed his high school final year in one attempt and secured highest mark in the entire school for which he was given a medal. He then graduated from one of the top colleges in his state and went to do his Masters degree in Agriculture with first class honours. After working as a Bank Manager, he worked as a researcher in International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics [ICRISAT], which is one of the prestigious international Agricultural organisations in the world. Following that, he moved to Australia to do his Ph.D. in plant genetics and worked as a Scientist with the western Australian Department of Agriculture. During his Ph.D., he worked as a volunteer to raise funds for several charity bodies in his spare time.

Then he did his M.B.A. specialising in Marketing and Organisation Development and took up projects with a number of Multi-national companies. He also worked with the Australian Government in a responsible position in Business Deregulation. Currently he is the CEO for a company with interests in Management Consulting and Marketing. Motivated by his previous involvement, he has recently founded a charity body called COINS OF LOVE Inc., which aims to help the orphans, widows and alleviate hunger and poverty in Australia and around the world. Daniel is married and is blessed with 3 children.