Feng Shui and Real Estate—The Perfect Couple

Acquiring a property is one of the most important decisions anyone can make in a lifetime. Buying or selling real estate can be so overwhelming, especially, when you don’t know what property to choose or what to do when searching for a new home. Selling a home, scouting out a new location for a business, or buying multiple properties is when you should not only hire a qualified real estate agent, but a Feng Shui expert as well. Yet; the optimal time to call in a Feng Shui expert is even before a home is built.

Some people say they have a gut feeling when they find the right property; they just know they’re at home. But, why not have some basis to form that feeling. Your gut is probably a good indication that you’re on the right track and the property is the right choice for you; nevertheless, the placement and direction of the home or business, in question, can be analyzed before a purchase is made. This gives you more than a gut feeling; it gives you choice information.

An energy analysis can also be done, to make sure that the property is compatible with its inhabitants. Water, tree, fire, metal and earth are the elements that are contained in the Chinese five-element-theory. This theory goes hand-and-hand with Feng Shui concepts. It is the core of Feng Shui. Why not use this knowledge to purchase or sell a property. The Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years; they thought enough of their ancestors to hire a Feng Shui practitioner. It all began with looking for the best location for a grave site:

When a Chinese family needed expert advice for a proper burial site, they'd hire a Feng Shui practitioner. The practitioner knew how to observe the directional energy of the land and its surroundings and surveyed the perfect plot for the family’s ancestral, burial ground. The family of the deceased believed that burying their loved one, at this select site, would bring wealth and auspiciousness to all living relatives. This is how Feng Shui was launched and literally translates as, “Wind, Water”.

The Feng Shui practitioner looked to nature and noticed how Ch’i (Chee) meaning energy, or the dragon’s celestial breath, was in the drift of the “wind”. The consultant also studied the flow of “water” and how ch’i settled there as well. Since the azure dragon was revered in their culture, the Chinese knew that this was the wealth of their surroundings; harsh winds and rapid waters drove ch’i away.

The people observed the lay of the land. In the east, the rounded, lush mountains, like the dragon’s curved spine, kept them safe. The dark tortoise mountains, of rich black earth, protected the backs of the ancestor’s graves from the harsh winds of the north. And, the white tiger-hills, of the west, were the guardians from the storms of nature. In the south, the red bird was the warmth of the knolls that faced into the sun; while, the meandering rivers, by the site’s frontage, signified the wealth and prosperity of the land and its inhabitants. The dragon's breath, at last, was peaceful and calm once the correct location was chosen.

Even back then, the people were wise to hire a Feng Shui expert. Location, location, location was the family’s treasure in discovering the best grave site. Now, when using Feng Shui, the same premise should be applied--but for the living as well; find the best locality, and that doesn’t necessarily mean prime real estate. Even without knowing it, most prime estates have many Feng Shui principles incorporated in their structure and grounds. A home does not have to be a mansion, but it can be your own harbor of respite and joy. Remember, when you finally purchase a home, this is where you will live, eat and sleep each day of your life, so practice beneficial Feng Shui.

The Chinese knew it all along; Feng Shui is the best way to choose where you will live, now, and possibly to the end of your life. Feng Shui and real estate make the perfect couple, you and an energy-enhanced home.

Copyright ©2005 by Dolores Kozielski

Author's Bio: 

Dolores Kozielski is a certified Feng Shui consultant trained in Qigong, Tai Chi,The I Ching, 9 Star Ki and Chinese Brush Painting. She is also an iconographer and professional writer published with major publishing houses including HarperCollins, Scholastic and Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series/Stress. Dolores practices in NJ and PA and may be reached at www.FengShuiWrite.com