By the words we say, and the thoughts we think; we become a participant either consciously or unconsciously, and influence our outcome. I have written the guide to ‘Healing from Surgery: A Mind-Body Approach’ because I want to empower you to become an active participant in your health journey.

Surgery can be a stressful and anxiety producing event for many reasons:
* Fear of the unknown
* Fear of pain
* Unfamiliar environment
* Fear of the outcome
* Trust
* Lack of information/education about the pre-post surgical intervention
* Listening to what others say, and base your anticipated experience on those conversations

For those that don’t believe that the mind-body connection exists, or that haven’t encountered this concept, I give you the following examples. Think of a tart dill pickle, does your mouth water? Think of eating a lemon? Do your lips pucker, or do you squint your eyes and go ooh? Think of something you really enjoy in life, how does your body feel? Think of something or someone that drives you crazy or makes you feel sad, and I ask you again how does your body feel? Your mind and body have connected.

Now let’s relate the above to your healing process. A surgeon works from the exterior to the interior. Using a mind-body connection, you would be working from the inside out. Combining both internal and external approaches to a surgical situation is what sets the stage for healing.

Set the stage for healing

At least once daily imagine the surgeon operating skillfully while one's own body responds perfectly, to all that is required of it. Hold a picture of rapid recovery, comfortable, without bleeding, and without infection or any complication. Anticipate returning to a normal routine soon afterward. This visualization sets the stage to speed recovery and even reduces the risk of complications.

Design Healing Affirmations

An affirmation is any statement that is made. The statement can be positive or negative. “Dr. Bernie Siegel, best-selling author of Love, Medicine, & Miracles, says that “affirmations are not a denial of the present, but a hope for the future. As you allow them to permeate your consciousness, they will become more and more believable until eventually they may become real for you.”

Some ‘healing affirmations’ from Louise L. Hay

* I restore and maintain my body at optimum health.
* It is my divine right to be comfortable.
* My healing is already in process.
* My health is radiant, vibrant and dynamic now.
* I deserve good health.
* My body heals rapidly.

Support for Healing

Planning ahead to determine what you might need some assistance with during your recovery, can be very empowering and has the potential to take a considerable amount of pressure off of you during the recovery process. You might consider contacting friends, family, co-workers, church groups, or established support groups to facilitate a smooth recovery. Things that might need to be arranged are:
child care, animal care, house cleaning, food preparation, yard work, and doctor visits.

Staying in the Moment

When we are injured or recovering it is so easy to go into a mode of I used to be able to do … (this), or I used to be able to do … (that). And on the opposite end of the spectrum we oftentimes focus on the future (…).

We waste so much physical and mental energy thinking about the past, and focusing on the future. The results will be phenomenal if one puts that same amount of energy into the ‘now’. The past is over, the future is our hope. And by concentrating on the ‘now’, we move towards the future, we move towards where we want to be.

By thinking, at this moment I am able to do (…) we are saving our physical and mental energy. Paying attention to what our body is doing, and how it is responding on a daily basis is critical to maintaining one’s energy. It takes an enormous amount of physical energy to heal. Conserving mental and emotional energy is crucial to your recovery and progress.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Kraemer, R.N., RMT has a varied background as a life coach, speaker, author, intuitive, wellness educator, bio-energy field practitioner, and consultant specializing in a variety of processes involving the mind-body-connection including: life/work balance, transition, self-care, stress management, personal growth and integrating intuition in the workplace.

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