We are currently experiencing new paradigms in the field of healing as more and more is being written about how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have an effect on our physical bodies through wellness-illness and maintenance and well-being. More and more is being written on the fact that the mind influences matter.

The cells in our body functionally vibrate to communicate with each other. They have been pre-programmed to maintain homeostasis. The cells in our bodies do not do the same thing. Each has been designed to carry out a specific purpose and function. We can alter the cells of our body with some learned skills and training.

Think of multiple personalities. For example purposes let’s say someone has two different personalities residing within. And let’s say that one of those personalities has diabetes and the other one does not. How is it that the body shifts between diabetes and no diabetes? There is an energetic cellular exchange taking place. The cells are communicating.

There is much literature that substantiates that the words we say and the thoughts we think affect us physically as well as mentally. We are constantly communicating to our bodies either positively or negatively our strengths and weaknesses. And thus a belief pattern develops and forms an individuals' reality whether consciously or subconsciously. Illness can be a reminder that more communication needs to take between the self and the layers of the self that we need to restructure our beliefs.

When illness, injury, or pain takes place there is miscommunication within our internal world, and the way our internal world communicates with the external world. Is it a wonder that when some people are constantly verbally abused that they manifest physical symptoms of a stomach ache?

Beliefs are thoughts, that have come about because the thoughts have been repeated over and over and over again and again. And thoughts have a very real energy or vibration associated with them whether they be positive or negative. A belief is a thought that you keep practicing. And we draw to us vibrations of likeness, or the Law of Attraction. That which we think about appears, or finds us.

Becoming aware of a negative belief is rewarding because it lets you know that your true essence has been hidden and needs to be released for change to take place. Becoming aware of your energy drains and ways to replenish your energy will have a positive impact physically-mentally-emotionally-spiritually.

A few Energy Drains
Lack of sleep
Unfinished business
Low self-worth

A few Energy Re-plenishers

Play with pets
Breathe deeper
Hold hands with someone
Ground yourself
Have a massage
Drink more water

I encourage you to create your own chart. Pay attention to your activities. Which activities are physically or mentally draining? Which activities help you to feel better?

The goal is to constantly replenish our energy throughout the day.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Kraemer, R.N., author/speaker/health and wellness life-coach/holistic practitioner, is considered an expert in the mind-body connection.

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