How often do you say or think _______ (situation or person's behavior) just makes me sick. How about just being around someone and feeling exhausted? Or how about using an actual disease process or illness that you have as an excuse by saying, because of ____ I can't do that, when in all honesty you could participate and are just using the disease process as your excuse, instead of being honest regarding the situation as to the real reason which would be that you just don't want to do something, but for whatever reason don't feel comfortable enough setting a boundary with the other person or yourself and verbalize the word "no".

Or how about this one, when someone asks you how you are, do you respond frequently with any of the following: 'I'm tired', or 'OK but I'm tired', or 'I just don't have time to rest', or 'I live in a state of exhaustion', or just offer 'a big sigh', or 'focus on all your aches and pains and what's not going right in your life', or say something similar to 'I'm sick, I'm always sick'?

We all know people like this, might be different situations yet the theme repeats itself. Do you know just how exhausting this is to the body? Changes are taking place all the way down to the cellular level just by our thoughts and the words we say. Good to know! Absolutely, it's good to know and take what happens into consideration because our mind and body processes every word we say and the emotional component attached to those words stays within our bodies, and can resurface at any given moment.

Have you ever seen the movie, 'Like Water for Chocolate'? I love this foreign film, anyway, briefly it's a movie where many stories are told and situation after situation centers around family, friends, food preparation, and eating the prepared feast. The recipients of the prepared food take on the emotions of the people that prepared the food. So if anger was present during the food preparation as the feast was consumed the diners 'took on' the 'anger energy'. Another example would be if sadness was present during the food preparation as the feast was consumed the diners 'took on' the 'sadness energy' and began to cry.

Some examples of lower energetic vibrations or negativity would be: anger, fear, betrayal, illness, negativity, being over committed, violence in the news, technology, and stress. A few examples of higher energetic vibrations would be: forgiveness, love, honesty, high integrity, self-respect, and making decisions from a position of strength.

Much is being written today with respect to energy transference. So I pose this question to you. If energy transference can take place with the foods we consume, can it take place with animal to human interaction, and human to human interaction? ABSOLUTELY!!! Energy transference occurs constantly throughout the day and night. The key is figuring out what or who is zapping your energy and then doing something about it, because as a society we've learned to tolerate fatigue and it just doesn't have to be that way.

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Mary Kraemer, R.N., RMT is considered an expert regarding the interrelationship of intuition, energy, and the mind-body connection. She views wellness as much more than just a state of physical health. She believes that as we embrace change, exercise our intuition, and discover our untapped potential, we achieve a sense of balance and maximum productivity in our personal and professional lives.