When I was researching for information on the internet the other day I came across a small article written by Donald J Trump. It was not directly related to the law of attraction, but was in fact related to a segment on real-estate investment.. However I think that you would all have to agree Donald Trump shows both through his actions and attitudes to business success, that he follows the principals of the law of attraction. Those same principals of wealth creation, which we ourselves strive for as we progress towards and achieve as our goals.
I have provided an extract of the key points from the article related to the Law of Attraction and have included them below in italics.

“Follow your own path because it will bring you
to the places you were meant to be.” -
(Donald J. Trump)

When people don’t think for themselves, problems occur.
In fact, the lowest points in history occurred when people
stopped thinking for themselves and followed the wrong
individuals. These times gave rise to dictators, genocide
and brutal, inhuman behavior.

So invest the time to identify your intrinsic values – what you really want and are willing to work hard to get. They provide you with strength, determination, and a powerful compass.
Look at the big picture; think on a Trump scale. Find out what you really want to dedicate your life to and then go out and achieve it.

Finding your purpose may take a while or all of your life. Or you could have discovered it when you were five years old and are still refining it. Since we all differ and have varying priorities, we all must move at our own pace. Make it a priority to keep exploring, learning, discovering, and moving forward because that is the best recipe for a successful life.

Good constructive information you would all agree. Here is a man who has it all, well beyond what most of us could ever set as a goal, let alone as an achievement in a life time. Time and time again we keep coming back to this one theme if we are t be successful in both our business and personal lives and that is to THINK FOR YOURSELF. In thought are our future actions put into place. In thinking through the subject in question we need to consider the business aspects, the positive and negative outcomes and there impacts, the impacts on the people involved directly and indirectly and importantly the impacts on our personal well being. Ask yourself can you live with the decisions you are about to make, because if you can’t, do some rethinking. Ask others for advise, modify the decision if necessary to the point where you can live with it. To compromise is to show that you are human.

Obviously there will be times where you will have to bear the decision, as it is the best long term answer to the situation. In such cases you then need to look to at the consequences of the action and control them to the best of your ability, particularly where fellow human beings are involved. Why ? because you are the accountable person in our society. Accountable not only to the broad community but to yourself as a member of this grouping we call humanity.

The law of attraction tells us to give of ourselves and we will be rewarded in greater abundance.

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