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We look at the concept of the law of attraction, how we can do better for ourselves and how to involve ourselves in wealth creation. We make dreams of wealth creation out of winning the lottery, the big win on the horses, or that “thing” that idea/product etc we are going to do one day. This is a dream not the reality. First we have to accept that the world is designed for average people and their wealth creation. It is not just designed to keep the institutions of government up and running and wealth going to a select but growing group. We just have to escape the system.

The System

The capitalist system is designed to hold things in check, in balance as it moves forward. It gives us the masses, what it has conditioned us to believe, is all we can achieve. Our society has conditioned us to accept the norm so long as ends meet. There is no consideration of the law of attraction and wealth creation. Society is designed t0 keep the philosophies in business, assist the wealthy and it is designed to support the government. We as the ordinary working people are always sent the bill. We get charged and made to pay for everything. If there is a mistake or cost overrun we get to pay for it. If there is some kind of disaster we get to pay for it. Creation of wealth independent of our position is frowned upon.

The process by which it works is that we work really hard and it will spit out just enough cash to keep us going, to keep us just above what is called revolution level. You know where, we are not out on street tearing down the system, but where they have fed us just enough to keep us going. We still may want more, so we will then work more to get the little extra, which in turn supports the system.

We are conditioned to believe we are weak, and that we should have guilt. We are supposed to support every thing else, by spending our money with everyone else, so the system is seen to work (and the can do even better. However if we as individuals do to well out of life, we are considered evil, greedy and corrupt. We should feel guilty and we should be attacked to bring us down, back to our position in life with all the rest.

The above is simply not true. The universe is absolutely abundant. It will give you anything that you believe in and more. The Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction, the Creation of Wealth are all there to be used as you wish of them. Study them, accept them and above all use them to achieve what you can achieve,. not what others say you can achieve. The law of attraction will provide the steps to creation of wealth.

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Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centred around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.
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