The law of attraction is attracting positive things to your life. You attract things by thinking about what you want and the Universe will make it a reality for you, when the right time comes. You need to consistently apply the law of attraction in your life.

Here are 5 techniques on how you can apply the law of attraction.

1. Talk to yourself positively

If you have bills to pay or situations which are worrying you, talk to yourself or to others positively. Never speak about the negative aspects of it. Our words affect the way we feel and think tremendously.

Say to yourself that things will be alright and talk about the best situation that will occur. Talk to yourself and to other with feeling and conviction.

2. Visualize often.

Try and visualize your ideal life as often as you can. Imagine yourself being successful, being happy with your family and being respected by others. Imagine these things happening and make yourself believe in it. When you stop visualizing, you should feel as though you can't tell the difference whether you are visualizing or not. That is the extent your should visualize your desires every day.

3. Help other to get what they want

The feeling you get when you help others is amazing. It is a strong vibration. Others that you have helped will also give off positive vibrations which benefit you. Like attracts like.

4. Show gratitude

Whenever something good happens to you, show gratitude for it. Acknowledge that the Universe has provided the good fortune for you. Showing gratitude makes you believe more in the law of attraction. Make note of all the gratitude you have shown throughout the day. From having a nice meal to having a comfortable ride home with a nice window seat.

5. Acting out your desires

During your every day life, such as working or living with the family, act your desires out. If you are taking a driving test any time soon, act and feel as if you have already passed the test and have bought a car which you are driving now. Imagine needing to wash the car this coming Sunday. All this acting will speed up the law of attraction and manifest your desires.

These are the main law of attraction techniques which you should carry out if you are serious with manifesting your desires. You need to read more information such as the reasons why law of attraction doesn't work to further understand and improve your law of attraction results.

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