Sometimes Law of Attraction manifesters will come up against a blockage in their business. Things just seem to come to a complete stop. What feels like the Law of Attraction slamming into an obstacle, unable to be jarred loose, is sometimes called “hitting the wall”.

When you start having phenomenal success using the Law of Attraction lots of new ideas and opportunities come your way at rapid speed. Often you will have lots of new choices to make. Some of these you may like less than others, such as:

• Making cold calls
• Trying to increase the return from your database
• Creating a marketing plan
• Creating a business plan
• Finding new business

What can you do to jump start your Law of Attraction flow and get back into the game?

1.Pinpoint in your mind what you really, really want out of your business.

To restart the flow you need to be very clear about what it is that you want. This will allow the Law of Attraction to work for you in the most meaningful way. Remember to expect contrast, which means anything you don’t particularly like doing or what does not make you feel good. You need the contrast to help you to clarify your wants. The faster you start thinking about what you want, the faster you jump start the Law of Attraction into working for what you absolutely love and enjoy. If you dislike cold calling (and who doesn’t?) figure out what you would rather do. Then enjoy doing it.

2.Write it down.

Sit down and think through what you specifically want from your business. The more clarity you have around this, the better able you will be to attract ideal clients and business opportunities.

3.Reconnect with the reason you started your business.

Do you remember what energized you about your type of business in the first place? Was it a lifestyle decision? Or about making money? Or contributing in your own way?

4.Determine a very clear goal for each task.

Choose one goal and be specific about what you need to attract in order to achieve your goal . Remember that Law of Attraction works when we take inspired action. Get ready to jump start your Law of Attraction success, and put yourself back on the path of manifesting your dreams.

It is not unusual to become discouraged at sometime in our lives – that’s human nature. However, rather than staying stuck, you can make a decision that you will do whatever it takes to start the flow again. You actively choose to attract more of what you want in the way that you want it.

Are you ready to hit that wall… and keep on moving, using the Law of Attraction?

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