The Law of Attraction can be clarified with the help of Quantum Physics. This can be used to explain the details in a systematic way. Atoms are not actually made up of elements, according to Quantum Physics.

It was believed, till very recently, that the smallest units of matter are electrons, protons and neutrons. This belief has changed now. It is common knowledge now that they break down even further, into much smaller components called Quarks. The chain stops here though as Quarks are basically just energy in their purest and most fundamental structure, and do not break down into still smaller subdivisions.

E=MC2 is probably the most well known equation even to common people. It was formulated by Albert Einstein, the great scientist, who made numerous valuable contributions in this area. He laid out the history of the equation and the role the equation played in the knowledge we have today of the universe.

What are the other things that we know regarding energy? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it changes into form, and also moves inside the form, and also out of form. Also that energy is continuously vibrating. Energy usually pulsates in waves which are called frequencies. Energy pulsates at different speeds which causes different frequencies.

If you delve further into the Law of Attraction you'll find that energy waves of similar frequencies are actually drawn toward each other. Everything in the universe is constructed from a core of energy, even solid objects. And remember that all energy vibrates and therefore has a frequency - even if the objects appear totally solid and immobile. When success or failure happens in your life, energy frequencies are at work there, too.

The Law of Attraction has been recently brought up as an idea aligned with New Age thinking. It is about thinking positively to bring about positive things and events in your life. Likewise, negative thought will attract negative events and conditions. It's as if the very cells of our being are metaphysically linked to our surroundings and therefore attract or repel like energy. In other words,what we think and feel creates our world.

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The Law of Attraction can be illustrated with the aid of Quantum Physics. Electrons, protons and neutrons were thought to be the smallest units of matter. They actually split into smaller components called quarks. They're found in their most fundamental structure which is energy. Einstein discovered the secret with the formula E=MC squared. Energy can't be created or destroyed. It's constantly vibrating, which is described as frequency. Energy waves vibrate at dissimilar wavelengths. This law has been brought up as an idea aligned with New Age philosophy. Positive thinking can cause positive events. Negative thoughts attract negative events. Basically, what we think and feel creates our world.