Everything that glitters is not gold; you can't tell a book by it's cover; your attitude determines your altitude, these are all wise words of knowledge and wisdom to live by. It's easier said than done. All of the above, ring the bells of truth in me today, but I remember times in my life, when I foolishly rebelled against knowledge, wisdom and understanding, under the mistaken belief that I knew better.

I had a better plan, or so I thought, at that time; but life was kind enough to straighten me out with its policy called consequences. It was at that time, that I discovered my allergy towards pain and unneccessary suffering. That insight gave me an attitude adjustment opportunity that I whole heartedly embraced and adopted as my new way of life.

My old attitude of absolute selffishness, doing things my way regardless of how they affected others, really turned people off. My new attitude re-made me. Like magic, I became caring, loving, helpful, productive, peaceful, motivated, very creative a great listener, friendly and fun to be with. Suddenly people just could not get enough of me. They began enjoying me for me. Lesson learned: you turn people on or off by how you make them feel.

You can become a magnet to people. Here are my five steps to turning people on: 1st) Make a conscious decision to unconditionally love, respect and accept yourself just as you are (By freeing yourself, you give others permission to be themselves); 2nd) Develop an attitude of gratitude (By practicing what I call active appreciation, actively begin to acknowledge with sincere warmth and love, every thing, both little and big, that goes right for you in your world); 3rd) Commit yourself to accept people for who, and what they are, exactly where they are (Be open minded and don't be judgmental, whether you agree or disagree, do not violate their freewill); 4th) Become a great listener, listen, don't interject your story, your opinion, your needs, your feelings, instead be 100% in tune with the speaker, to insure that you understand them, summarize their story in your own words, once clarity is confirmed, allow the speaker to continue again with your undivided attention and 5th) Practice generously sharing unconditional love, respect, honesty, reliability, peace, patiance and integrity, while being open and approachable (don't be afraid to try new things using the curiosity and playful spirit of your inner child while being in the moment).

Follow my instructions, be real, and you will not only turn people on, but you will become irresistable to people of quality, high fiber and substance. Enjoy your journey, you are well worth it.

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Sheryl Walker is a self-made NO FEAR Millionaire, who lives the NO FEAR Millionaire LifeStyle religiously. Sheryl Walker is the host and producer, of the weekly Cable television show "NO FEAR Millionaire LifeStyle TV" airing every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. EST on Time Warner Cable, channel 35, and CableVision Cable, channel 68, in Brooklyn, N.Y. and streaming Worldwide via the Internet, links to the show are available at http://www.nofearmillionaire.com Sheryl is committed to teaching the world how to live the NO FEAR Millionaire LifeStyle and her book, "How to: Live the NO FEAR Millionaire LifeStyle" on any BUDGET! Available December 2008, just in time for Christmas!